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family crisis Paulies fund

Organized by: Annie Gortva

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Paulies story
May 08, 2016

My son Paulie that was 17 or 15 months old at the time November 2015 Was in a emergency intubated coma for sever asthma . An had rsv virus plus See More


It all started September 25 2015 My son Paulie got sick an went into respitory failure Drs don't have a reason why yet. Paulie recovers in 4 days in the icu with the bipap then to canuli for oxygen. Released an discharged back to me. Now my son needs to use albuteral an a nebulizer machine twice a day or more depending if he is having asthma. My son is 15 months old I became frightened when he couldn't breath. He also takes singular everynight now an bedisunite twice a day via nebulizer . 3 weeks later my son develops pnumonia how I don't know Drs still don't understand why he gotten so sick in a short time I asked if I have done anything wrong . They said no. I have given his meds to him correctly. Paulie spent 4 days in the icu he recovers an discharged with pnumonia an asthma agervated. I thought everything was finally only an he wouldn't need the bipap anymore an oxygen tubes for breathing. It happened twice already... As Paulie goes home I just feel somthig is off But ignored it. Not even 2 weeks went by . I looked over at my husband 1 day befour I take my son to the hospital again a 3rd time. I looked over an said to him babe when I took the children to school today I was looking up at the sky today outside I felt somthing is wrong theirs somthing not right an I don't know what it is yet but I will figure it out. Few seconds later I look at my son in the crib an say to Jose it's Paulie I know it has to do with Paulie. Somthing poped up into my head that day an all day saying I. Big white letter prayer prayer an pray pray pray . An I was thinking to myself why? Pray ? Pray for my son Paulie an that was the answer I followe my instances not knowing why until the following day. Next day comes my son is experiencing belly breathing an asthma related symptoms an again the word pops up in my hea pray as I'm looking at my son feeding him breakfast an givig him the nebulizer . I notice he Isent eating an very irritable.looks like he can't breath that well . So Jose my boyfriend said to me I'll take the kids to mamas to have fun a play with their cousins. I said okay. They left. An then Paulie started crying a lot an couldn't breath. I needed to change him. An I told my daughter Rosie to hold him while I get cloths. He passted out fell off my bed an hit his head o. The ground . I wasent fast enough an so frantic. He was coughing up mucous an throwing up nothing but spit I yelled to God because their was nobody left to call out . I said God help me please help me please. I pulled myself together gathered my strength an called Jose an said Jose come home he can't breath. We race to the hospital in a taxi. He was blue in the lips an finger tips an limp. I told the people in the er he has asthma he can't breath they tryed albuteral treatments but didn't work I said please don't let nothing happen him please help my baby. After 4 hours I. The er they had him on the bipap an albuteral an medicine bags going terbuline I. Bags but it wouldn't prepare me for what will happen next. He was rushed up to Icu. Jose holding him in his arms as we moved him to his bed crib. He flat line not once not twice but 3 times . He pasted out in Jose's arm limp aswell is was so tramatizing an so scary. My hero came because nobody new what to do their was confusion o said to my sons angel a big black tall man that speclizes in asthma an treating it. Says he got asthma he can't breath . He immedwtly was in charge I said please help him do what got to do to save him please . All I could do is pray to God as I see him laying on the bed. He talked to 7 Drs In the room with us dating we need to sedate an paralyze an Intibate now the tall black angel said the other Drs said we don't Intibate here . He said look at him Intibate now now I said! . They looked at me an said do you understand what we have to do? I said yes do it now! I said one said I need to hug him . I prayed over his body befour they began . I said please protect his mind body an soul . An let no bad happen. We had to leave the room Immidietly. They preformed took 4 hours till we could see him. They said they also got air out of his stomach . How that happened idk. He had 8 medicine bags to keep him alive. Paulie was now in a coma on ketimine an other drugs to keep him sedated. An terbuline an intubated on a ventilator to keep him alive. 7 days have gone by. I've seen little of my 3 other children angel Rosie An nano. I stayed night an day an came home to shower an take care myself say hello to my children kiss an hug them goodniggt. Because you never know because tommarrow is never promised. Love your loved ones. Jose would go home an take care the other children an lost his job so he could help me. After 7 days Paulie woke up . He couldn't move all his muscle mass deteriated. He didn't respond to me. An still recovering out from being groggy. Dr said he will regain muscle an move . Well my son was I. The hospital 1 month on a feeding tube , only could lift his head up by then lay it back down on me.. Could sit up breifly an lay back down . My son had to relearn how to eat an drink but with thicked liquids so he doesn't choke or asperate. The dr suggest he go to the rehab center. I said yes an will he walk again they said yes. I am now about 5 an half month pregnant with my daughter Sofia her duedate is april7th. Now my feet are killing me ... My stomach from holding Paulie all the time an severly stressed out . I have a umbilical hernia. An psoriatic arthritis in advanced stages an a deformed left foot. My son Paulie spent 21 days in the rehabilitation center I only made it 7 times because I could hardly walk an it was dangerous to walk in the winter time. From Brooklyn to manhatten by train at the great rehab at the joint an rusk rehabilitation center my son learned how to walk again learned to eat again an talk . My son came home December 29th even though we have missed thanksgiving as a family an Xmas that didn't matter we had Paulie an out family wa togeter again. We celebrated till we couldn't celebrate no more. His brothers an sister was so happy to see him. Their older they understand at 6-7- yr. old my other son nano was 3 . Happyness was short lived I went into preterm labour at 33 weeks an 3 days because my stress was to high an my body was just not rested. My blood pressure went to 200 bottom number I ant remeber was over 89 I know that they quickly gave me medicine an it resolves a small bag of heavy duty magnisium an them 3 bigger bags of megnisum I recovered an surprized the Drs they thought I had pre eclamsia an wanted to give me a emergency c section but, God prevailed once again . Everything resolved the following morning . I got steroid shots for Sofia's lungs went home an continued on . Here it is March 18th I go right in labour on my own I am 37 weeks she gets stuck sunny side up in my hip bones. It's now the next day I beg for a epidural for hours stuck at 8 cms an contractions just keep going. After 2 hours March 19th at 5:30 Sofia arrives. Normal everything gets light therapy an go home as usual. Our life is chaotic but we have so much love for our 5 children. So this is why I am here. I live in nyc... I was a stay at home mom but my boyfriend Jose worked full time. He got fired in November an lost his job the day they had to put my son Paulie in a coma . He has helped me ever since. I'm scheduled to have surgery on my prolapses uterious an hernia an bowels. Jose is helpin me untill after I recover from my surgery they will do it all at once. It's scheduled for May 9th. I am asking for blessing offers for my children untill I have recovered from surgery so we can continue paying rent. Always keep praying an God will prevail. Annie please  help our finical crisis or we don't no were our family will live in 3 months


Organized by

Annie Gortva

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