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An immunization drive for 65 children in Haiti in a progressive education, health and holistic program with a 5 year success record. The Children of Haiti Project is under the auspices of the Overseas Schools Assistance Corporation for our 501(c) 3 status. Tax ID 04-2955021


Vaccine                       Quantity    Price/dose           Total
Meningococcal            65              30                         1950
Hepatitis B                   65              30                        1950
Pneumo 23                  65              37                        2405
Typhoid                        65              35                        2275
Vitamin A                     1000                                          45
Syringes 2cc                100                                            40      
Grand Total                                                              8665 USD


The Children of Haiti Project was founded after the devastating earthquake of 2010, which killed nearly 300,000 people and left millions in tents as a result of losing their homes. We opened a school with the specific purpose of following 50 children from one of the tent camps, and turning them into Haiti's future leaders.


We are following this group of 50 children from Pre-K to the end of High School with a progressive educational, health and holistic program that has been designed, and followed by a group of professional educators who have opened international schools around the world. An additional evolving group of 15 children, ages 8-14, with no prior education are part of a literacy program that takes them to the 6th grade level.


The program offers free education, free meal plan three times a day, a close free medical follow up of each child and their family members, free uniforms and books. The teaching methods are modern and the teachers constantly trained in order to offer an excellent international level education.


Each year we raise funds to keep the program open and going. In our 5th year now, we have some impressive results as the children excel in all external evaluations, both national and international. They are proving to be brilliant analytical and critical thinkers.


The Ministry of Health in Haiti does not offer the needed vaccines for the children. In order to keep them healthy it is imperative to immunize them against diseases which have mostly been eradicated outside of Haiti, but which are prevalent in the children’s environment. The immunization drive for this coming academic year is going to cost $8800 in order to cover each child's vaccine pack and the fees associated to raising funds online. For more information visit our website and blog: