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CROWDRISE : Jun 18, 2013
Tax ID: 30-0521164
BASED: Thousand Oaks, CA, United States



Be a Friend in Need... The mission of Owie BowWowie™ is to provide comfort companions to those who need a pawsitive hug. Won't you help?

Did you know that each year over 20 million children are hospitalized and 8 million of these children have no family or friends who are able to visit them?


Yep, that’s right!


8 million children undergo medical treatment each year that are in need of a friend as they are receiving their medical treatment and that is why we are sending them their own “FUR-EVER” friend named, Owie BowWowie (Owie for short!)


Now, because we can’t be told which child receives a visitor or not, our mission is to make sure that “EVERY” hospitalized child receives an Owie and this is how we’re going to do it!


We are creating the first ever, “Owie’s Playroom” at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Northridge, CA.  


What is Owie's Playroom?

Owie’s Playroom™ is a turnkey therapeutic facility that can directly improve the health and well being of hospitalized children and the families who love them. It offers a place of comfort and play where every child receives their own Owie BowWowie™ toy that is with them so they don’t feel alone on their medical journey – their “FUR-EVER” friend.


Who is Owie BowWowie™?

Owie BowWowie™ is an adorable, 12" soft plush dog, who has bandaids of his own, and is hospital approved and therapeutically designed. Owie™ also comes with a soothing mini-blanket, custom storybook, reusable carrying bag, and is personally delivered with a hug!

The mission of Owie’s Playroom™ is to create a fun and comforting playroom for the children who are battling an illness, and ensure that each child  who is admitted into Northridge Hospital Medical Center during October 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014, is given a gift of comfort and a FUR-EVER friend that reminds them that when life gets "ruff” to stay PAWSitive!  


And... please take a moment to read what Beth Welch of Northridge Hospital has to say about, "why" Owie!


My name is Beth Welch and I am the Certified Child Life Specialist at Northridge Hospital Medical Center. I want to tell you a little about how important the playroom is for our pediatric patients here at NHMC. 


The playroom is a place for our patients to just be kids. It’s a medical free, safe zone where they get a break from procedures, pokes, doctors, and nurses and just get to be themselves. It’s a place to play with other patients, do an art project, build and explore or even read a book.  It a special space just for them to forget about the fact that they are in the hospital and have some fun. 



Our goal is for every child who is admitted to NHMC to receive their very own OwieBowWowie to keep them company and provide support during their hospitalization. OwieBowWowie can then accompany them to the playroom to hang out and participate in the fun.


So, please join us today so comfort and joy can be given away! 


And the most important thing about giving an Owie to a hospitalized child, is the moment a child is comforted… the whole world seems to change!


Tax ID: 30-0521164 •




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5% Raised of $60,000 Goal