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ONE WITH THE WATER's Fundraiser:

The Physiological Changes of a Swimmer


ONE WITH THE WATER via Crowdrise
December 10, 2012

We provide swimming lessons to children and adults, including those diagnosed sensory integration issues & to Service-Disabled Veterans  See more



Photographic Journal and Documentary Film follows Veterans as they participate in swimming lessons, measuring progress with MDs.

THE PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES OF A SWIMMER - Photographic Journal and Documentary Film follows U.S. Veterans as they participate in Swimming Therapy for issues such as PTSD and other mental issues developed while serving in the US Military. From their first steps into the water to preparation for swim competitions, the film takes viewers on a remarkable journey through the eyes of those who have discovered swimming as a calming and metamorphic outlet. The photos and film document the major physiological changes that take place in the body from the inside and out when starting a swimming regimen. This project has three aspects: 1) the therapy of swimming, 2) the video and photographic journal of their journey, and 3) measuring their progress and growth with the coach and team. Please contact us via e-mail and we will send you more information. Additionally, funds will be used to construct a pool for Veterans to use after the project, at a highly discounted rate.

Currently, the therapy program is already in place. The Veterans partaking in the program have really benefited from it. We will begin documenting the program and recruiting more Veterans for the documentary film.

Sandie Collins, a U.S. Navy Veteran, who completed two months of swimming sessions in 2011, states, "I'm a Navy veteran who ironically was never taught proper swimming techniques. I used any other technique I could, along with generic swim strokes (no breathing techniques) to pass my water survival training in boot camp. Just "getting by" in Navy water training left me disappointed because, through it all, I was still never taught how to swim. I was recently given a priceless gift through Kenneth Rippetoe's Foundation "One with the Water", being offered a series of real swim lessons. And not with just any instructor – I was fortunate enough to be instructed by one of the best, the truly amazing Mallory Mead. Mallory's teaching style couldn't have been better. She quickly made me confident in my weaknesses and instinctively knew when I was ready to be pushed, even before I realized it. The result: I was swimming by the third class! I was overjoyed. I now know a freedom I never knew, and have a strength I never had. I feel privileged to have been offered and provided the gift of finally learning how to swim, and all thanks to the mission and passion of "One with the Water." Their veteran grant program provided the lessons to me at no cost. I am grateful to Kenneth, Mallory, and "One with the Water" for making it possible to learn this invaluable skill, and also for making it a perfectly fun and enjoyable experience!"

"Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known." ~ Winnie-the-Pooh A.A.Milne

The Physiological Changes of a Swimmer: A Therapeutic Swimming Program & Photographic Documentary & Video about Veterans & their Journey through Swimming

Created by: Rippetoe Aerospace Consulting & Enterprises, Inc. ("RACE"), in conjunction with One with the Water®, ("OWTW"), and Stage King LLC.


RACE is a consulting company dedicated to assisting Veterans and Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Companies to find business solutions to their needs, whether it be in therapy, business plans, or marketing plans. We provide Veterans the tools they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.

One with the Water®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers competitive swim training and year-round swim instruction to children and adults with special needs including autism, ADD, sensory integration, anxiety, Down and CHARGE syndromes, auditory processing disorders, and dyslexia. We provide lessons to Service-Disabled Veterans, the athletes of the U.S. Paralympics, triathletes, and the U.S. Special Olympics.

Stage King LLC is a production company that provides videos, movies, concerts and event production.

Our teaching is done in a positive and individualized approach that works for everyone, from complete beginners to competitive swimmers. Our coaches have training in mentoring swimmers with special needs. Swimming will develop inner and physical strength. Swimmers and their families will acquire discipline, mutual trust and respect, control, support, pride, and the life skill of swimming. These are attributes that can be applied to all areas of life. We expect each swimmer to strive to do his or her best during each lesson. We encourage families to use swimming as a fun, physical, and healthy part of their lifestyle.

Project Scope

RACE, Inc., and OWTW, Inc., is an established Adaptive Sport Swim Program providing lessons at the Culver City Plunge and the Maggie Gilbert Aquatics Center at the Pacific Palisades Charter High School. We teach swimming, provide training and workouts preparing athletes for swimming competition, as well as devote our resources to continue to bring new swimmers into the program. Each month, the swimmers will be photographed displaying their physical changes over the course of two years. The swimmers’ progress will be documented by their own personal testimony as they talk about their experience with the lessons and their life.

We expect to recruit approximately 130 Veterans from our database and from the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

RACE and One with the Water will provide:

1. Knowledgeable, certified instructors, all insurance coverage, and administrative support for all events provided registration is completed through OWTW.

2. Adaptive swim lessons for persons with mental or physical disabilities, special needs, sensory integration disorders or other issues, specifically Service-Disabled Veterans.

3. A program that helps participants to learn and improve skills, maintain and increase physical fitness, achieve success and receive recognition, and experience self-actualization in a regular aquatics environment.

4. A comprehensive swim training regimen for athletes involving three distinct areas: stroke technique instruction, conditioning, and open water training and acclimation. The events/clinics are as follows:

a. Stroke Clinics - During these 1.5 hour clinics, participants will learn the physics of swimming and how it applies to proper stroke technique. By the end of the clinic, participants will be swimming more efficiently and faster, and have the tools they need to continue to improve! Clinics are capped at 20 participants.

b. Training Group (“Dolphin Swim Team” – Adaptive Sport Swim Program) – OWTW will provide a swim team training group that will meet 2-3 times per week, for an hour each practice, depending upon facility availability. While participants will still receive stroke technique instruction, the main focus will be conditioning and competition preparation. Location, times, and maximum number of participants will be dependent on facility lane availability.

c. Open Water Clinics - These 2-hour long clinics will focus on introducing participants to the basics of swimming in the ocean, developing skills such as swimming in and out of the surf, sighting/navigating, dealing with anxiety, and pack swimming. These clinics will maintain an instructor-to-student ratio of a minimum of 1-3, and will be capped at 12 participants.

5. Promotion & Registration– OWTW promotes each of these programs on its website, includes a listing of these opportunities to its members and to the residents of the local area. Registration for all events and clinics will be completed by OWTW using their online registration program. Information of all clients will be kept confidential, as is the normal operating policy for OWTW.

6. A licensed Medical Doctor will monitor the health and metrics of all participants. A psychiatrist will be available for consult by each swimmer, to assist those who desire to participate, in conducting personal mental-health evaluations.


RACE, Inc., and OWTW shall at all times retain full ownership in and to the production of the photographic documentary and video, including without limitation all copyright thereto. OWTW shall at all times retain full authority over all decisions pertaining to the development, production, and exploitation of the Production.

The Backer shall have the authority, with written consent from RACE, Inc., to publish, market, and display the photographic documentary and video as an “artwork” as long as both parties agree to the venue of display.

Budget Request

We request funding for all operations and training for Service-Disabled Veterans for two-years. The funding provided will be used for the following:

Fiscal Budget (2 Years, 130 Participants)

Project Administration and production crew $ 5,200,000
American Red Cross Certifications $ 5,000
Insurance, General Counsel, Marketing $ 60,000
Swimming therapy for Veterans (includes recruiting participants, pool rentals and other incidentals) $ 575,000
Monitoring progress (MD to provide metrics) $ 400,000
Monthly Video Sessions of Individual Testimony, DVD production $ 180,000



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