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We promote education about permaculture and sustainable growing practices, empower community members to grow their own food, donate food to Harvest for Hunger and food pantries, and run a youth leadership program! Tax ID 27-2720573


The Mission of the Alan Day Community Garden is to cooperatively create an educational demonstration garden, where people can grow their own food, using organic, sustainable methods to support an enduring community food system.  Whew, that's a mouthful!!!  What do we do?  We provide land access, tools, free workshops, and community events in a suburban area of rural Maine. Many people in our town don't have access to land for gardening, so we totally set them up for a successful and money-saving gardening experience.  We host and work with schools, summer camps and social services. We host cooking workshops, a Harvest for Hunger site, a "Food Forest" and a rockin' blackberry patch. We work with our town General Assistance program so peeps in need can come work in exchange for food.  And did I mention we run a youth leadership program to educate and promote the future food leaders of our country?  Well, we do! And we are just getting started...

Please help take our organization to the next level, to reach more people in our community, and bring self-reliance and healthy food into the mainstream. If you support local foods, local economies, healthy eating, ending hunger, protecting green spaces, teaching a man to fish, and/or youth leadership and education, then please support the Alan Day Community Garden, because that is what we are all about!  The garden and its many services depend on generous donors like you to make it all happen.  Please give what you can, and we will make it grow!

Thank You so much, and dont' forget to like us on Facebook!