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CROWDRISE : Nov 19, 2012
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BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Shaping Youth Leaders

To develop the leadership capacity of at-risk Honduran youth by providing access to formal education, capacity-building and leadership opportunities and promoting community engagement.

Empowering at-risk Honduran youth through academic scholarships, capacity-building and leadership workshops and involvement in community engagement projects in the arts and sports.

Scholarships are at the core of OYE’s programs, providing an educational stipend that helps at-risk youth overcome the financial barrier that interrupts their formal education. Scholarships are awarded to students with leadership potential to continue their academic education at local schools and to further their development through OYE's Capacity Building & Leadership Program and Community Engagement Programs. Scholars come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with approximately half of all OYE families making less than $210 per month.

This year, OYE provides 58 promising youth from low-income families with partial scholarships to continue their studies at the high school and university levels. Since 2005, over 450 students have received life-changing OYE scholarships, the majority of whom have been young women and girls.

In addition to OYE's scholarship recipients, 13 local youth actively participate in one of the five Community Engagement Projects that allow youth to further develop their leadership capacity, express their reality, engage their peers and transform their communities. The current Community Engagement Projects are the following:

  • Arte La Calle (Art Project)
  • Ritmo Online (Radio Project)
  • Revista Jóvenes (Magazine Project)
  • DiseñOYE (Graphic Design Project)
  • Deportes (Sports Project)


Read about the Honduran reality to learn how helping students in Honduras can help make a better future for Honduras, Latin America, and the world at large.

How can I help? 

First of all, thank you for asking!  In addition to volunteer opportunities in Honduras, we have a devoted corps of volunteers in the US and abroad who, by being active and healthy (just like our scholars), raise funds and awareness for our work with El Progreso's youth.  Join the movement by: supporting a runner in one of the live campaigns below, joining one of the Race 4 OYE teams below to run and/or fundraise for OYE or visit the Race 4 OYE page for more information.

Tax ID: 20-3195935 •


My #Reason2Stay: Support Honduran Youth on #Giving Tuesday 2014

My #Reason2Stay: Support Hon…

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77% Raised of $2,500 Goal

Michael Solis RACING 4 OYE in Montreal - 2014

Michael Solis RACING 4 OYE i…

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74% Raised of $2,620 Goal

Race 4 OYE - East Coast

Race 4 OYE - East Coast

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23% Raised of $10,000 Goal