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 Pacific Music Foundation (PMF) is a Hawai`i nonprofit organized in 2004 exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. PMF`s mission is to provide and support music education and outreach, with a specific interest in music that soothes and heals. PMF does this by:

(1) Fostering an appreciation of music and encouraging music making in the community through workshops, performances, and education, aimed especially at forever improving the lives of children through music education;
(2) Promoting Hawaiian music, cultural traditions and language in Hawai`i, the nation and the world; and
(3) Sharing the healing gift of music that calms and soothes with those affected by stressors such as physical or emotional illness, loss and trauma. Pacific Music Foundation is also deeply committed to developing musical talent interested in contributing to their charitable mission, and does so through music education, instrumental and vocal training, and by supporting various volunteer-driven music projects consistent with the Foundation`s mission.

One of the Foundation`s ongoing successful projects is to go into schools – both in Hawaii and during travels outside Hawaii – to encourage music making among young people. The project fills a critical need to provide at-risk children and teens an alternative focus to crime, gangs and drug abuse, which perpetuates a life of stress and poverty. Studies have shown that participating in musical disciplines has a highly beneficial “halo effect” that ripples out into other areas of learning. At the same time, our schools today are finding it harder and harder to maintain music programs or to provide students with opportunities to study and make music. By partnering with local schools and youth organizations, PMF plants and nurtures seeds of growth that will create lifelong rewards. But more importantly, these programs elevate the standard of living and quality of education of children who are at risk and impoverished.

The Pacific Music Foundation also provides free soothing music concerts for seniors at nursing homes and senior care centers, in local hospitals, for support groups (such as families of cancer patients), childrens medical treatment facilities, veterans groups, foster children’s homes, and in cooperation with professional music therapy non-profits.

PMF raises funding through grants, individual donations and through fee-for-service programs such as ukulele workshops. PMF is a volunteer-run organization, so less than 5% of all monies earned or donated are used for administrative costs, and more than 95% are dedicated directly to program costs to accomplish Pacific Music Foundation`s charitable mission.