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Packages to Paradise: Paradise Uganda Foundation

Organized by: Ashley Spychalla

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   Paradise Uganda Foundation is an orphanage and school for under-privileged children in Kampala, Uganda and it's surrounding areas. Until recently the Foundation's director Maria Nabukenya, as well as her family & friends, were almost entirely responsible for any and all funds raised for the project's growth and support. Several crowd-funding sites have been set up to raise money for the expansion of infrastructure, educational programs, sanitation, and medical/nutritional needs for the over 400 children that currently reside there, etc (Links can be found below) - but they are still in desperate need of assistance!

   The purpose of THIS fundraiser is to raise money to purchase and ship badly-needed/donated items directly to the orphanage. I would love to be able to do this on my own dollar, but overseas shipping for anything over 1lb can get very pricey very quickly. Shipping costs for a single package can run up to $300-400USD! I have been collecting donated toys, clothes, shoes, bedding, school supplies, etc for several months now and have accquired a sizeable collection (several maximum-sized shipping boxes worth) to send, and would like to get them out as soon as possible. I am also more than happy to recieve any additional items that people would like to donate for future packages, and/or coordinate any purchases that the orphanage is in desperate need of that they would not be able to get locally, to be shipped directly to their location. My goal is to continue to raise money, collect donations, and ship packages to PUF for the forseeable future - and that is where I need your help!

   As I'm sure you all know, every little bit helps. Lets work together to provide these beautiful orphans with the things they need to give them the best quality of life possible, to set them up for happiness and success - now and in the future. These innocents have been handed a hard lot in life and Maria and her family have been working tirelessly for nearly a decade to give them the best that they can. Let's show them our solidarity and support - show them how much the rest of the world cares about their future, and how much we believe in this cause. Through making a donation to this and/or the following fundraisers, you can help create a life for the children of Uganda in which they need not choose between educational resources and food... In which they can have clean, disease-free, easily-accessible water sources... In which a run-of-the-mill illness for us does not have to mean a possible death sentence for them, and more critical illnesses can be treated or managed properly... In which the growing number of orphans who NEED the assistance of PUF need not be turned away because the means to feed, clothe, house and educate them just aren't there... In which these children have a chance at a future which will NOT mean living the rest of their lives in poverty, squalor and fear. Through supporting Paradise Uganda Foundation in any way that you can, you are helping provide resources not just for the here-and-now, but to teach hundreds of children necessary agricultural, technical, architectural, computational, and business skills to help build, improve and revolutionalize their communities for all future generations to come. This is an investment not just in their futures, but potentially the world's. Who can say what brilliant, innovative minds and revolutionary new ideas will be fostered by giving these children the simple opportunity to THRIVE, instead of simply struggling to survive.

   Please donate whatever you are able to support this cause. As little as $1 can feed one of these children for an entire day! Thats less than a soda or a bottle of water....


Sister fundraisers for PUF can be found at:


Medical Clinic Project:

Water/Sanitation Resources (Vision Uganda):

Paradise Uganda's Facebook Page (Find out how to sponsor a child at PUF here!):

Vision Uganda's Site (sister foundation):

Vision Uganda's Facebook (sister foundation):


To contact me directly: (please include PARADISE UGANDA FOUNDATION in all caps in subject line!:) )

To contact foundation director Maria Nabukenya directly: 

PUF Founder:

Maria and her orphans love letters!

Paradise Uganda's Mailing Address: P.O.Box 22 Kampala Uganda


Additional Requests: If anyone else would like to start a fundraiser, they are more than welcome! Please contact Maria via her e-mail or one of the Foundation's facebook pages provided above for approval ahead of time. PUF also desperately needs a website developer who is willing and able to donate their services by creating and managing a website for them ASAP! My boyfriend was going to take this on, but unfortunately, he has been unable to find the time thus far.

Please keep an eye out fo any future updates and continue to check back/continue to donate whenever you can! :) Thank you so much for your love and support!


Organized by

Ashley Spychalla

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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