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Watch here: Pacquiao vs Horn Live Stream.

 Pacquiao vs Horn Live Stream is here. In a sign that previous five division best on the planet Floyd "Cash" Mayweather Jr. (49-0, 26 KOs) could soon be making a rebound to the game of boxing, he's presently pouring compliments over the head of 36-year-old Manny Pacquiao (58-6-2, 38 KOs) by the bucketful in saying he's one of the best contender he's at any point battled before in his profession.  

It's difficult to comprehend the sudden compliments from Mayweather to Pacquiao considering how uneven their battle was a year ago in May 2015. Will boxing fans pay another $100 dollars per family unit to see Mayweather battle Pacquiao a moment time? 

After their unfathomably exhausting battle amongst Mayweather and Pacquiao a year ago, I believe there's a great deal of fans that won't have any desire to pay to see them battle each other a moment time. Neither one of the guys seemed as though they were eager to invest any exertion in that battle. Mayweather generally poked and tossed pot shots. Pacquiao seemed as though he was unwilling to take the risks that he expected to take for him to win. 

Mayweather said this to Fighthype.com in regards to Pacquiao being one of the best warriors he's at any point confronted: 

"Out of the considerable number of contenders that I've confronted all through my vocation, Pacquiao is one of the best warriors. His development, I mean, he's quick… ..the power originates from the legs and how he turns his shots," Mayweather said. 

On the off chance that Mayweather wants to make a rebound in 2017, at that point a rematch against the destined to be 37-year-old Pacquiao gives him an extraordinary possibility for a major payday. Mayweather could go for his 50th win of his expert boxing profession, and he could then break heavyweight Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0 with that win. In any case, maybe more imperative to Mayweather is he would be getting a presumable $100 million payday in the event that he takes that battle. 

Mayweather said it himself that his approaching cost for a rebound is a nine-figure payday. He's not going to get that sort of cash battling Saul Canelo Alvarez, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Terence Crawford or UFC star Conor McGregor. 

Mayweather most likely could get a $100 million payday battling unbeaten middleweight champion Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (36-0, 32 KOs), however I think Mayweather wouldn't like to get thumped out, and he unquestionably would in the event that he battled Golovkin. Mayweather needs the $100 million payday, however he likewise needs to win. Mayweather won't win against Golovkin. Won't Mayweather win, as well as likely be thumped out and perhaps violently unless his corner quits to spare his conceal a similar way that welterweight Kell Brook's corner quit to spare him from a shellacking from Golovkin in cycle five on September 10 a month ago. 

Mayweather said he thought the Golovkin-Brook battle resembled a fix to him, in view of the way it was ceased in the fifth round by Brook's mentor Dominic Ingle tossing in the white towel. I think it may be a similar case for Mayweather if his dad/mentor Floyd Sr. quits when Mayweather gets harmed along the ropes and begins taking horrendous discipline from Golovkin. 

In the event that you contrast Mayweather's battle against Pacquiao with his past matches against Marcos Maidana, Miguel Cotto, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya and Jose Luis Castillo, Pacquiao is far underneath those warriors stuck in an unfortunate situation he gave Mayweather. Castillo and Maidana both ostensibly beat Mayweather in their first battles with him, yet they weren't given choices in those battles. Pacquiao wasn't focused against Mayweather a year ago. How about we be not kidding. 

Pacquiao was absolutely over-coordinated, and looked weak and lost inside the ring for 12 rounds. In the wake of getting hit with a progression of straight right hands from Mayweather in the initial two rounds, Pacquiao quit assaulting him out and out and went into his shell. It was a horribly exhausting battle to watch. Indeed, even the battle had been on free TV, it would have vexed boxing fans because of the absence of exertion from the two contenders. 

You must ask why out of the blue is Floyd paying compliments to Pacquiao? Is Mayweather quite recently wistful and now sufficiently far expelled from his boxing profession to compliment Pacquiao on his aptitudes or is there a ulterior thought process behind the compliments? Given the way that different warriors improved against Mayweather than Pacquiao, it raises the subject of why isn't Mayweather complimenting them? Castillo unmistakably beat Mayweather in their first battle in this present author's conclusion. I feel that Maidana beat Mayeather also. 

De La Hoya merited a draw and not a misfortune to Mayweather. I tallied six adjusts that De La Hoya won in his battle against Mayweather in 2007. Cotto practically beat Mayweather too, and improved employment against him than Pacquiao. So why isn't Mayweather saying those folks are the best he battled rather than Pacquiao? Is it since he can't get a $100 million payday battling them? I have a troublesome time not making the determination that Mayweather is complimenting Pacquiao on the grounds that he's reasoning of battling him again so he would scoop be able to up another huge payday before he comes back to retirement with another trek to the bank. 

$100 million would go far towards padding Mayweather in his brilliant years later on when he's no longer equipped for battling. In the case of nothing else, Mayweather could dump the whole $100 million that he gets from the Pacquiao battle and utilize it completely on speculations. In the event that you sink $100 million in shrewd speculations, it would likely expand the $1 million every month that Mayweather says he makes off his ventures. 

That would be a keen thing for Mayweather to do, particularly given that he would make be able to the venture cash the easy path in battling Pacquiao again instead of taking an enormous risk battling somebody that the boxing scene really needs to see him battle in Golovkin. That would be a genuine battle, however it would have an undeniable hazard for Mayweather. Golovkin is no joke. He won't be ceased by Mayweather's single shot right hands that he gets a kick out of the chance to toss. Golovkin would stroll through those correct hands to draw sufficiently near to Mayweather to bring his take off with left snares. 

It's no reason for Mayweather complimenting McGregor, on the grounds that he needs a 50-50 part of the income for a battle against Mayweather. It is highly unlikely that Mayweather can get a $100 million payday battling McGregor, on the grounds that the cash would be part equitably, and it's not a sufficiently major battle to acquire $200 million unless Mayweather climbs the compensation per-see cost to $200 dollars per family unit rather than the crazy $100 that fans needed to pay to see Mayweather's dull battle against Pacquiao a year ago. A moment battle amongst Mayweather and Pacquiao won't not offer.



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