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Why $50,000
August 23, 2017

  Another Way has launched an eco-healing program that focuses on healing individual’s gut alongside their mental well-being. Currently,  See more


The 90’s trifecta. OJ Simpson, Gulf War, and the birth of the internet. A seismic shift occurred. Information was now live 24/7. What could we expect?

In 2017, connectedness continues to spread throughout our lives, children as young as 2 understanding how to work complex device such as cell phones.  News has become so compelling that it’s easy to get lost in. Being connected has become a method of staying stuck. Lives have been lost. Violence has been spread. Fear and confusion are the new norm. Each day, I ready myself to share sad news from a world-event. They are becoming so frequent it is hard to explain. "That’s just how the world is right now", I rationalize.  Personally, I want all violence to end. I would like to find and develop methods of treating individuals affected by pain, trauma, and violence. I feel it is time we take the "next step" in understanding how to heal ourselves. This project is one of the many worthy others. I hope this connects me to healers and helpers. It is possible through collaboration to change the status quo. It is time to change the status quo.    




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