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Paige Lipman's Fundraiser:

Paige's Mitzvah Project - Peace Through Play - Peace Players International - Middle East

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EVENT DATE: Apr 28, 2015

Paige Lipman


Dear Family and Friends,

Children who play together can learn to live together.  That’s the idea behind Peace Players International, a nonprofit organization that uses sports to unite children in divided communities all around the world.  

For my Mitzvah Project, I am supporting Peace Players efforts in Israel, where Israeli and Palestinian children play basketball together. As teammates, they learn to work together and become friends.  I believe in the power of teamwork and know from my own personal experience that playing team sports unites and helps kids learn about a lot more than sports.

Instead of gifts, please consider supporting Peace Players work in Israel.  I think that Peace Players is already making a difference and hope that this fundraiser will bring together Arab and Jewish kids so they can play together and learn to live in peace.

Thank you so much!

xo Paige





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206% Raised of$7,500 Goal

Donor Comments

Sammy Baron

Sammy Baron

(A belated) In honor of Paige on becoming a bat Mitzvah! 4 years ago

Phoebe Shapiro

Phoebe Shapiro

4 years ago

Michele, Matt and Morgan Joseph

Michele, Matt and Morgan Joseph

5 years ago

Christopher Clow

Christopher Clow

What a generous thing for Paige to Do! 5 years ago

Jadyn Kaplan

Jadyn Kaplan

5 years ago

Jason Halpern, Max and Veronika

Jason Halpern, Max and Veronika

Congratulations Paige! 5 years ago

Leslie Roden

Leslie Roden

5 years ago

Anthony Madonna

Anthony Madonna

5 years ago

Jon, Sarah, Sophia  and Olivia

Jon, Sarah, Sophia and Olivia

5 years ago

The Bloomgarden Family

The Bloomgarden Family

Mazel tov Paige!! 5 years ago