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Pajama Program, Inc.

Good Nights are Good Days Tax ID 02-0588068


At Pajama Program, we believe every child has the right to a loving good night, complete with the comforting bedtime ritual of changing into clean pajamas and enjoying an enchanting story. This safe, comforting space at bedtime lets children drift off to a more peaceful, restful sleep, preparing them for each new day with the energy and optimism they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Too many children don’t know where they’re sleeping tonight and have almost no possessions. Without a loving good night, they’re robbed of positive good days. Using the magical, unconditional gifts of pajamas and books, Pajama Program gives children the feeling of being loved, along with something to call their own. Their imaginations are opened up, offering a soothing escape before they fall asleep, and their creativity is nurtured. Guided by our Good Night Bill of Rights, we encourage everyone to adopt its principles, so that one day every child will know the comfort of loving bedtimes and the lifetime benefits of quality good days.

Founded in 2001 by Genevieve Piturro, Pajama Program has provided more than 4.8 million new pajamas and books to children across the U.S. We work with over 3,500 organizations that support at-risk youth, from infant to age 18, including shelters, group homes, Title 1 schools, foster care and social service organizations and Head Start programs. We serve these children from our main office in New York City and through our 65 volunteer chapters across the country. We also operate three Reading Centers in New York, Yonkers, NY and Red Bank, NJ, with more to come, including Atlanta and Chicago. We have been featured on NBC’s The TODAY Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and NBC’s “Give.”

At Pajama Program, we know that Good Nights lead to Good Days, which is why we work to close the “24-hour Good Day Loop” for every child. Join us.