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CROWDRISE : Jan 17, 2016
Tax ID: 56-2321475
BASED: S Pasadena, CA, United States


Empowering Young Women

To promote higher education (beyond basic literacy) among under-privileged young women of Pakistan - regardless of ethnicity, race, province, sect, or religion

The Pakistani American Forum/Merit Grants for Young Women (MGYW) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization founded in 2000.

MGYW has been successfully providing educational opportunities to young Pakistani women belonging to families making $2 to $3 per day and residing in urban slums or remote rural areas. In Pakistan, only 75% (81% of boys and 67% of girls) are enrolled in primary schools; whereas, the global average is 90%.

Overall, gender literacy gap is as high as 30% and MGYW is striving to fill this gap. So far over 5,000 girls have benefited from MGYW’s focused approach with several girls graduating from school and college and are now gainfully employed. In addition to selecting scholars for incentive grants, MGYW reaches out to all four provinces of Pakistan by collaborating with selected renowned educational NGOs to assist them meeting their operationl & infrastructural needs. These reputable organizations have a network of over 23,000 students - with a majority of female enrollment.  This business model has resulted in MGYW keeping its operational expense in U.S. and in Pakistan to bare minimum.

Tax ID: 56-2321475 •


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