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Pamela Steele White Family Foundation

Pamela Steele White Family Foundati...
CROWDRISE : May 10, 2017
Tax ID: 81-2946503
BASED: Boston, MA, United States

Pamela Steele White

Family Foundation

The Pamela Steele White Memorial Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the values and interests of a remarkable person, Pamela Steele White. Pamela was an educator, social worker, avid singer and exemplar sportswoman. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pamela lived in Needham, Dedham, Chestnut Hill, and Katama, and worked at Milton Academy most of her career. The foundation's purpose is to provide financial support to deserving students, cultural organizations, and charitable organizations that embody Pamela's values and interests, and serve the communities in which she lived. The foundation will provide scholarships to deserving students, and charitable donations to organizations that support education, mental health, the arts, and cultural and athletic development of communities to which Pamela was connected. Through these activities, the foundation will continue Pamela's legacy of improving the lives of all who knew her.

Tax ID: 81-2946503


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