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Pam's medical bill

Organized by: pamela zaborowski

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I am devastated at a visit of less than 2 hours at hospital for a stomach ache is costing me over $5,000.00 !!!
 This is a blow we can't recover from.
Husband will not pay a dime. It is all on me since I made the mistake of going to a hosp out of our network. He has made it excrutiatingly clear.. This has literally ruined our marriage. He said he will never trust me again. He was so devastated by my huge bill that he said he has lost the will to live, that this could break us.   I've ruined us  !!!  He is done with me. I am in shock.
Husband is in A-Fib, yet works everyday because he cannot afford not to. He comes home from work spent, dragging . He has been in St. Joes so many, many times. At this time he is barely paying his own hospital bills, and will be for a long , long time to come yet. He has insurance but it is poor- doctor copays are $140.00 meds are scantily covered, deductible is $12,000 !
I am employed at walmart, I am prepared to pay $20.00 a month.
My symptoms since getting the bill are are far more severe than that which Iam being billed for!!!  I can feel my heart beating all the time now, it pounds when I am in the same room as him. I'm so shaky I drop things all the time. I frequently hyperventilate when I think of the bill, which I do all the time. My nerves are so on edge- I could scream scream scream and never stop screaming. I am so sad I could just die. We don't talk to each other anymore. I sleep on the couch. He is so cold toward me now. He has going without eating which is not safe for a diabetic. He said I destroyed his appetite and I destroyed him....He said we will never dig out from this and that money could have gone toward fixing his car which he cannot afford to replace or so many other things . I want to wake up from this nightmare so he will love me again !
I have heard husband sobbing in bed. I feel so guilty for giving him this sock in the gut. He has taken care of me all these years, put a roof over my head, and has paid 99% of the bills always. And this is how I repay him, he says. Don't you know he said, I've been on the computer for hours and hours for 4 months now, trying to find cheaper meds Husband is getting his insulin from a questioable Canadian dealer- that's shows you how he cannot afford his own meds even. He has 3 meds for Afib alone, plus diabetes, colitis, high blood pressure, and more. Well over a dozen different kinds,multple times a day . He is in such bad shape... Just had knee and hernia surgery, all in your hospital... So now I cry all day, I cry at work, I take 3+ sleeping pills so I don't cry all night. I am profoundly sad.
I have to pay for this myself, no matter how many years it takes to pay.
Was not asked for ins. card at arrival. If it had been checked it would show that I was not covered. And then should have been asked questions, such as have you tried a doctor and why not. Was not showing overt signs of pain. This does not constitute accountable, responsible care. Why would'nt experienced hospital staff do this?
please help- I can't stand this, I just can not take it, I feel so low... this is just too much to bear...   The reason I came to emergency room, is because we have always come to St. Joes, both of us, for decades, and both our parents as well. It's my hospital ! Our insurance is newly changed this year, so I came here without thinking.   And it's not like I was getting constant care for 2 hours , I was in the room alone 3/4 of the time, went to bathroom twice on my own -dragging the IV . Which should only cost me around $2.25 for a 500 milleter bottle, cuz that is real price    Like husband said repeatedly, I am stupid. If my insurance card had been checked at sign in, I wouldn't be in this unholy mess.
thanx for listening. thanx even more for helping me out. most sadly sincere, pam z.


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pamela zaborowski

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