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Thomas Hays wrote -

The Pangaea Archival Network's mission statement is "To document the past and present effects of corporate globalization upon the first nations of the world." In order to accomplish this mission we are asking for donations. What will my donation do? You might ask. Your donations will help us with travel expenses for the camera crew, allow us to upgrade our camera gear, computer equipment, pay for office expenses, provide compensation to the brave camera crew who risks their lives obtaining footage, allow us to advertise, and of course go back to assisting the communities most severely impacted by corporate globalization. We ask that you give generously and share our cause with your friends. Together we can and will make a difference.


We here at P.A.N. have been busy making new contacts and spreading the word. Here are some of the responses we have received from our outreach.


“Dear Pangaea


Thank you for your message and support of the works of The Elders.


I appreciate the information about your work in support of First Nations peoples. I’m sure it would be of interest to many of our supporters. Perhaps you would like to post a link to your work on our Facebook page

At<> for them to read?

I look forward to keeping you updated on our work in the future.


With thanks and best wishes,


Laura Dickinson


Laura Dickinson Media Officer The Elders

P.O. Box 60837, London W6 6GS UK



Here is another short email we received concerning P.A.N.


Sounds like a marvelous project.  Look forward to learning more about it.

Noam Chomsky”


We have also been blessed by Ingetje Tadros who has graciously contributed some of her stunning photography to us. We are currently working very hard putting together a short video which will include her photographs and much, much more. Here is a link to her online album

We are working diligently writing proposals for funding from various corporations and other groups at the present time. We are very optimistic concerning the success of P.A.N. and are very happy to be a part of the Crowdrise community. We look forward to your assistance in launching P.A.N. Thank you all for  your support.

Thomas Hays

Director / Creative Director/ Director of Field Operations at Pangaea Archival Network


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