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A Pancreatic Cancer Charity

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Pants Off Racing, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of, and helping those affected by, pancreatic cancer.

It is common for us to receive the question, “What is Pants Off Racing ("POR")?”  In short, we are a group of high energy, sports enthusiasts who have joined together to help pancreatic cancer victims and support their battle against this disease.  The reason we have chosen this cause is because of Nancy “Pants” Amato, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the winter of 2006.  It is because of her courage and determination to fight this disease that we have dedicated our efforts to helping others affected by pancreatic cancer.  Our impact is a direct result of the passion we share as a community and the belief that community support will ultimately outweigh the odds of this disease. We believe that by providing support for pancreatic cancer victims and their families, we can improve and significantly diminish the harsh realities faced by those in similar circumstances.

Pants Off Racing has two goals.  They are, to: 1. Spread awareness about pancreatic cancer; and, 2. Directly connect with families and individuals impacted by pancreatic cancer.

POR's community outreach focuses on individuals and local families dealing with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.  We know the difficulties, and we have experienced the hardships of this disease, so it is our goal is to provide families with a network of support, resources, and a strong community outside of the everyday hospital and treatment centers that can provide relief when it is needed most.

Using the resources that we have, we are provide them with personal experiences, surprise gifts, and most importantly, laughs and friendships.  Our experience has shown that we have been able to give these families something very unique and unexpected throughout some of the toughest of times they may face.  

We are reminded of the impact we make in the local community by those families that we "adopted" over the years.  The relationships formed through this program extend beyond the holiday season and it has been our goal to not only help and assist these families during the most difficult of times, but to also be there for them when the initial shock and reality of this disease begins to dwindle.  The families we have been connected with are truly amazing, and we hope to grow this program to more and more families each year.  The success of this program shows that we all have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of others, and the pathway we have created as a strong, small community proves how powerful the impact a group of passionate people can be. 

Our fundraising philosophy at POR is to make the biggest difference we can possibly make with what we are given.  So we focus on real people and the families that are forced to deal with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in order to make a direct, personal connection with each of them. 

The donations we receive are used to develop and expand our charitable efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  100% of money received by POR is spent to adopt local families and provide supportive services throughout the different stages of treatment, recovery, and hardships related to their needs.  As a result, we do not give to research, we do not pay our Directors, and we do not spend frivolously.  We do this so that all donors – no matter how large or small their gift – can see the power of pooling efforts and dollars to create a visible difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Our charitable efforts are not possible without the cash contributions and donations-in-kind from our supporters, and we are incredibly grateful for each gift we receive.  It is only with each one of our supporters that we are able to make such a positive, inspirational connection with each family.