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Paper Airplanes Inc

Our mission is to provide digital education to conflict affected communities and to foster cross-cultural relationships between students and tutors Tax ID 81-4278267


We are a team of 21 educators, former refugees, students and recent graduates looking to expand educational access for those affected by conflict. We are a recently registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit in the United States, hoping to expand our operations. We love what we do, and appreciate any support.

In the past two years, Paper Airplanes has grown from 10 tutoring pairs to over 320. In January 2017, the team expanded to include 5 former students who were eager to join the group. In addition to our English and Turkish tutoring programs, we also launched our coding program for women as well as a youth exchange program. 

We have grown to where we are because we have a young, energetic, and passionate team. We believe strongly in the power of the Internet to transform educational access for those who need it most. For now, we are focusing on the MENA region, targeting communities affected by the Syrian conflict. In the near future, we hope to use our model throughout the world, providing education to conflict-affected communities and breaking cross-cultural boundaries.

Want to get involved? Create your own fundraiser and help us raise money to expand our student base. Our operations depend on the generosity of others, and any amount helps us continue our work!


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