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This overview was taken from the East Meets West website.  For more detailed information on their programs and financials, please visit



Our Programs

East Meets West's core program work is in the areas of education, healthcare, clean water and sanitation, and infrastructure. Our programs reflect our commitment to removing the barriers that prevent people from enjoying life's fullest opportunities. Our primary mission is to serve the poor and the disadvantaged in Asia.  


Education Programs
Investing in the People of Vietnam Means Investing in Education

Children living in rural poverty lag far behind their urban counterparts in access to education and the chance to pursue improved life opportunities.  East Meets West's learning programs provide a comprehensive response to this common development problem,helping children from poor families gain a solid education.

Promoting Success in School: Through our SPELL and GPOBA Education programs EMW provides multi-year scholarships to children from Vietnam's poorest families. Over 11,000 students now have the opportunity to complete high school and get a good job.

Combating Sexual Trafficking: Our ADAPT program works to stop trafficking at the source by providing vulnerable girls with the resources they need to create a brighter future.

Closing the Gap in School Infrastructure: Vietnam doesn't have enough schools to meet the needs of its population. Our School Construction program builds primary schools and kindergartens in rural areas so more children can attend school. EMW has also helped fill in the gaps in Vietnam's higher education system by building key educational facilities such as university libraries, research centers and sports complexes.

Children with Nowhere Left to Go: EMW's Village of Hope disadvantaged children's center provides children from the most difficult circumstances with a safe haven where they receive a full education, job training and skills to help them reintegrate into society.


Healthcare Programs 
Good Life Starts with Good Health

People living in poverty may lack access to even the most basic medical care.  Through our medical programs, we provide direct assistance to individuals, support families, train medical staff and improve systemic capacity by developing and constructing improved medical facilities.

Saving Babies: EMW’s Breath of Life program saves over 55,000 babies a year through appropriate technologies.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body: Most Vietnamese never see a dentist in their entire lives – unless they are supported by the EMW Dental Program.

Congenital Heart Disease: Our Operation Healthy Heart program addresses the most common birth defect, congenital heart disease, by providing lifesaving cardiac surgery to critically ill children.

The Legacy of Agent Orange: EMW provides a comprehensive support system for the disabled through our Support Network for People with Disabilities. Many of these disabilities are caused by exposure to Agent Orange and dioxin, an issue EMW is addressing through a new campaign of healing for Agent Orange survivors.

Hospital Development: EMW builds key medical institutions that are a crucial link between our grassroots development programs and large-scale capacity building. In the past decade, with major support from the Atlantic Philanthropies, EMW has invested over $50 million in building large-scale hospitals in Vietnam.


Clean Water & Sanitation 
Water Is the Source of Life

Water-related illnesses are the world's leading cause of sickness and death, daily taking the lives of some 6,000 people—most of whom are children under five. Through our Clean Water & Sanitation Program, EMW provides a sustainable water supply to communities and ensures that the local people are fully invested in the project. To maximize the health benefits, EMW incorporates a hygiene and sanitation training component to address the need for improved sanitation, another critical public health issue.



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