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Hi, my name is Alison Brayton, I live in Texas. I am engaged to the most amazing man in world (well, he IS my world) Mikhail Zhadan. He lives in Russia. We are 6457 miles away from each other. All we want to do is "knit our lives together into a beautiful blanket that warms the hearts and souls of those whom it covers". We have known each other for nearly two years. During this time, he has tried three times to obtain a visa to visit me. Each time he has been refused. Even once, they did not look at his paperwork. They just glanced over application and said "no". How can they just break his heart? How is it so easy? And while they are breaking his, they are breaking mine, too. It is also so hard for me to get a Russian visa for to visit him. For one of the rules, they require 3000 in a bank account. I've never had that much in my life, let alone sitting in a bank account for that purpose. You can't imagine how I want to hold him in my arms, to kiss him, and to care for him with all my heart. But only one thing is keeping us apart from living together permanently: papers. I like to call them "paper shackles". I have written higher authorities such as the President and even his wife, asking for even just a letter of recommendation to look good for the consul. But I have received nothing in return. I am so fed up with waiting. I feel I am truly dying at this point. Mikhail and I have true love. We only want to be together. We continue to abide by the laws even though they are breaking us down.

In August we met in Cancun but could only afford to stay there a week. We were engaged there. We want to go back to see each other soon. Mexico is the easiest for getting a visa for him and the cheapest to stay. But we still don't have the money. I have been searching for a job for a long time and his job he has, really sucks. Just to give you an idea, he gets paid only 3.00hr. We are working on his K-1 fiance visa but that takes seven or more months and it has already been six months since we have seen each other. Plus, there is no guarantee they will accept the K-1 for him. Please, help us. Even a little is appreciated a lot.



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