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Teresa Brett's Fundraiser:

Parent Liberation Alliance

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Teresa Brett


Bold Tranquility wrote -

EVENT DATE: November 3 - November 23, 2015


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


Ready, set...REST & FUNDRAISE! That's what Bold Tranquility's Rest for a Cause fundraising challenge is all about.

Starting November 3rd all registered participants in Rest for a Cause will embark on 15 minutes of 'rest' practicing a sleep-based meditation techqnique from Bold Tranquility for 21 days and simultaneously raising money for the Parent Liberation Alliance.

All donations to the Parent Liberation Alliance you will be:

  • supporting a Rest for a Cause participant to be good to themselves through 21-days of practicing a sleep-based meditation technique (yay self care!) . 
  • making a contribution to be good to others by giving money to help the Parent Liberation Alliance galvanize parents around the world to write a new story of parenting and family. 



To donate click on the "Donate to this fundraiser" button.



If you'd like to rest & raise money for the Parent Liberation Alliance click on the "Register" button. (If you're just donating you do not need to register).

Questions about registering? Visit Bold Tranquility's Rest for a Cause page here.


Why raise money for the Parent Liberation Alliance?

What if we told a new story about parenting and family - one that invited parents to circle together to write this new story, a story of parenting and family that rejects control, separation and domination?  How can we as individuals and a society create a base of love, wholeness, authenticity, and integrity that is the foundation for just and empowering relationships?

The Parent Liberation Alliance has formally partnered with the Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa, to:

  • launch parent education programs
  • lead parent study circles that harnesses all parenting experiences, aspirations, and beliefs to create the world that connects the well-being of every child, every family, and every nation to each other. 
  • teach parents more about the needs of children.
  • move away from fear, violence, disconnection, corruption, and abuse by reaffirming the humanity of children. 

Imagine a world where parents united under a commitment to wholeness, liberation, and freedom.

By donating to the Parent Liberation Alliance you're helping to create partnerships betweeen parenting communities across, continents, nations, and cultures.

Any amount you can donate will make a difference. Thank you!


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Bold Tranquility

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Teresa Brett

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