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Parents of Welby Way Support Students Success! Tax ID 30-0629974


Parents of Welby Way, Inc. (aka POWW, Inc.) is a non-profit 501(c)3, which represents Welby Way Charter Elementary.  POWW, Inc. was incorporated in December 2009, and approved for non-profit status in October 2010.  Members of POWW, Inc. are parents of students who are currently enrolled at Welby Way Charter Elementary.  From events to the board of directors to helping out in the classroom, all parent involvement/time is donated.  Why?  Because the parents believe strongly in every child's education and making Welby Way the best possible school.  This type of dedication is what makes POWW, Inc. such a strong group of parents.

Our Commitment & Promise

Welby Way Charter Elementary School is a public, affiliated charter school located in West Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles County, in the western portion of San Fernando Valley.

With a student body of over 800 kindergarten through 5th graders, Welby Way Charter Elementary School serves both local students and students that travel from outside the West Hills area. Along with Parents of Welby Way, Inc., the school, parents and community share a goal to make Welby Way the best that it can “bee”.

Commitment to quality education is paramount at Welby Way.  We rely on the donation of time and resources by parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and our Community Partners to make Welby Way the school it is, and allow the the students to be beneficiaries of our community’s involvement in their education.