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Christopher Johnson's Fundraiser:

Parents Running and Cycling for Roseville Community School!

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Christopher Johnson


Roseville Community School, based in Roseville, CA. is a community of parents, children and teachers, focused on the education and growth of the whole child. It differs from traditional educational programs because it recognizes and celebrates the differences in learning readiness that exist between all children, even those of the same age. RCS teachers value differing learning styles and adapt the curriculum to the style and speed at which the students are capable of learning. The RCS classroom is a place where academic challenges are eagerly meet in an environment that is safe to take risks and grow. The RCS parents share a common philosophy about education and a willingness to be directly involved with their child’s school. It is education as it ought to be.

Amazing things happen at RCS every single day, but it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make it all happen. Parent participation means that when things need fixing, its parents who bring wrenches, hammers, saws and power tools to make it happen. The maintenance needs are ongoing. Parents are always working together on projects to maintain the school in a safe condition. Even though parental labor is plentiful, tools and materials to make it all happen are very costly. This fundraiser aims to help RCS have access to funding to acquire the tools and materials it needs to ensure that the school infrastructure is kept functional and safe for the children.

I'm going to participate in an endurance sports event as part of this fundraising event. Details to follow.



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