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Park Pride Atlanta, Inc.

Park Pride Atlanta, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Aug 13, 2013
Tax ID: 58-1883895
BASED: Atlanta, GA, United States


More & Better Parks

Helping Communities Develop and Improve Their Greenspace!

For close to 25 years, Park Pride has worked with communities to bring new and fantastic neighborhood parks and greenspace to fruition! This is accomplished through the programs, funding, and leadership cornerstone to this nonprofit.


We know from studies (and experience!) that a great park system fosters quality of life, improving the physical and mental health of all those who enjoy it. However, a rich and vibrant park system accomplishes so much more than that; a neighborhood park reduces crime, cleans the environment, strengthens the social ties, and spurs economic development.


According to a 2013 ranking, The Trust for Public Land placed Atlanta’s park system at number 31 out of 50 among the largest US cities; that’s “park poor” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Your donation will help Park Pride and the Atlanta community build a nationally recognized system of parks and greenspace!


2013 has been an incredibly productive year for Park Pride, who has:


·         awarded $235,500 to four local parks to complete projects developed through the Park Pride Visioning Program,

·         conducted grant workshops to educate groups on how to compose a successful grant proposal for park improvements, and will award approximately $500,000 in grants this fall to several “Friends of the Park” groups to complete those proposed projects,

·         coordinated over 8,000 hours of volunteer work on 57 projects throughout the metro Atlanta area,

·         organized seven new “Friends of the Park” groups to help communities improve their neighborhood parks, bringing the total number of active “Friends” partnerships to 81,

·         completed three “visioning” projects through 43 meetings with community members and stakeholders.


Please help us bring all these benefits (and more!) to communities in Atlanta & DeKalb with your donation, and put our city on the map as a national park leader.

Tax ID: 58-1883895 •


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