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Connecting Local Leaders with Global Resources Tax ID 45-4855118


Partners Asia supports community initiatives to improve the lives of Myanmar’s most vulnerable. Many of these people live in unstable areas within Myanmar and along its borders, where they risk displacement and exploitation. Partners Asia builds relationships with innovative organizers in these communities and with international donors to help bridge the gap between local leaders and global resources.

Partners Asia believes that sustainable change happens when efforts are led by communities themselves, as local people know best what’s needed on the ground. Our role is to build on our partners’ initiatives, strengthening them with resources, such as funding and technical support, and introducing them to regional and international networks so they can share their knowledge and learn from others.

Another way we support our partners is through Participatory Action Research (PAR), which trains them to document, analyze, and articulate the realities of their lives to a wide audience. Our partners have identified and documented areas which are invisible or misunderstood, such as “Children Not in School” and “Citizenship Documentation and Statelessness”.

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