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Partnerships With Industry

Partnerships With Industry
CROWDRISE : Sep 29, 2016
Tax ID: 33-0169950
BASED: San Diego, CA, United States


Partnerships With Industry

Creating Jobs. Enhancing Lives.

Partnerships with Industry provides job opportunites for individuals with disabilities by partnering with local busineessses in win-win relationships.  Employment provides a paycheck, but MUCH more for the individuals we serve. For them, employment provides PRIDE, SELF-SUFFICIENCY, INDEPENDENCE and maximizes their POTENTIAL.  In short, being an active part of the workforce is essential for their happiness and self-confidence. 

Thank you for being part of the PWI family and believing in the many ABILITIES of the 750 individuals we serve each day in jobs throughout the San Diego County.


Tax ID: 33-0169950 •


Partnerships With Industry (PWI)

Partnerships With Industry (…

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87% Raised of $12,000 Goal