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Founded in 2005, Paso Pacífico's mission is to restore and conserve the natural ecosystems of Central America’s Pacific slope by collaborating with landowners, local communities, and involved organizations to promote ecosystem conservation.


Our conservation work began with a single biological corridor, the Paso del Istmo, which is an ecologically diverse area identified as a top priority for dry forest conservation within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor design. This area sustains important remnants of tropical forests, freshwater wetlands and mangroves, and globally significant sea turtle nesting beaches. It includes close geographic connections to critical conservation areas in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. As our work progresses, the Paso del Istmo will serve as a scalable model for building conservation corridors in Central America.

We envision a Central America where well-managed conservation areas are connected by ecological corridors in which local communities can benefit economically through ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, and eco-tourism.

Paso Pacifico has three program areas: Conservation, Science, and Education.


CONSERVATION is about making connections.

Dedicated to conserving the vast biodiversity of the Central American isthmus broadly, and Paso del Istmo especially, we work from ridge to reef to restore and protect biodiversity and wildlife habitat through reforestation with a focus on migratory corridors.

Read more about our Conservation programs.

SCIENCE drives everything we do.

Not only do our fieldwork and wildlife monitoring advance international conservation science, our community development and restoration programs are informed by cutting edge biology, ecology, anthropology, and economics.

Read more about our Scientific Research and Applied Science programs.

EDUCATION is crucial in creating a culture of conservation.

Whether engaging schoolchildren in hands-on environmental education, or organizing community events to raise awareness of the local ecology, we strive to inform all stakeholders of the important role they play in conservation.

Read more about our Education & Community Outreach programs.