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Pass It On: The Legacy of YMCA Camp Ernst

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My favorite camp memory has to be the year that Pink Splash became legend. For those of you who don't know, Pink Splash has been the summer band of Camp Ernst since about 2005. What even fewer of you probably know is that it actually began as a group of very musical campers who wooed the crowds at closing campfire week three 2004. As you can probably already guess I was one of those very musical campers, or at least I thought I was musical, that's an ongoing debate. I came to camp that year for my second summer and I don't think I quit talking (or singing) the entire week! I was there with a few friends from my softball team and a couple other girls who I'd met the previous year because they were also week three loyalists. We were lucky enough to have some great counselors who noticed our love of singing and approached Jon Perry about us performing at the campfire that week. We all learned the five verses to Amazing Grace and auditioned in front of Jon who gave us his approval! As the week came to an end we continued practicing and pulled inspiration from our fancy shirts that we brought for the dance, which all had pink on them, and dubbed ourselves Pink Splash! That summer began my true love for camp. Not many other kids can say that at age ten they got to sing their lungs out in front of 350+ people! I loved the confidence it gave me and the short lived popularity as well! My camp story has been on an uphill grind since then! But 14 years is a long time and as I come to the end of my college career it's about time for me to move on to the "real world." In a last ditch effort to squeeze every experience I can out of camp I committed my final summer of freedom to working as the office intern; it's not the same kind of hands-on, getting-dirty-in-the-mud kind of experience that most people associate with working at a summer camp, but it's going to be glorious none the less (plus I'm sure I'll find a way to squeeze in a round of Chaos or Capture the Flag). My goal with this fundraising page is to raise enough money to send one child to camp for a week! That means raising $610 so a child can experience that magic and joy that comes along with a week meeting new friends and having new adventures! This year the fundraising program is putting on a friendly competition between the different age groups/generations of our staff. Since I am one of the oldest people still around I am going to focus my efforts towards YMCA Camp Ernst's alumni! I'm looking to the wonderful people who's time came before me, or even those who attended alongside me, at camp. Any little bit will help to spread the CE love that we all know! Who knows, the child that we sponsor could be the next favorite counselor or the newest addition to our camp band Pink Splash!


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Callie Thomas

Callie Thomas


2 years ago

Amanda Abbott

Amanda Abbott


I went to Camp Ernst for at least 10 years. It was an experience I will never forget. And the friends and memories I made were priceless. I hope this donation can help another kid have the same experience I did. I miss it there. I hope to come back for a campfire soon so I better start looking for my honor camper cup! 2 years ago