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Organized by: Donna Tsufura

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What is your Passion?  What is your Purpose? What is your Promise for the World?

As a Dayako, I am a global activator, instigator and accelerator. I empower people, enterprises and nations to create a future worthy of our best humanity. 

I exist in entelechy, actualizing the inherent potential in every person and the opportunity in every situation to evolve a healthy, prosperous, peaceful planet. I identify gamechangers in diverse fields and network them into a Dayako ecosystem of individuals and enterprises, exponentially expanding their capacity to make a positive impact.  I sense underlying relationships of seemingly disparate events and phenomenon, intuiting the future that is arriving and what is necessary to meet it. I recognize the scenes and roles awaiting their chosen actors to play in this protean drama of human and planetary evolution.

Areas of action: Peace, social entrepreneurship, refugees, girls and women's empowerment, autism and disabled, education, nuclear disarmament, human trafficking, media and communications, arts and culture, sports including Olympics, spirituality and consciousness,

Your 'Prosper It Forward' funds provides me the resources, energy and freedom to  forward the following:

INITIATIVES for 2017 (partial listing)

• Bringing the Passion • Purpose • Promise inquiry to to diverse communities where people discover their unique value and power to serve society and take actions to make a difference. Ultimately, seeking to live fulfilling one's legacy will become the cultural norm for human beings.

• Inspiring citizens globally to fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, including eradicating poverty and hunger and providing for education, health, justice and equality and the environment.

• Evolving new structures that transit from United Nations system of a world national governments to Universal Humanity where citizens of the world take responsibility and action.

• Initiating a 2018 Super Bowl commercial with champion athletes from various sports declaring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be "The World's Biggest Game" and challenging everyone to be star players contributing their talents, skills and expertise to win this Game for Humanity.

• Proposing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, two events evoking global synchronicity and spiritual unity. For the Opening Ceremonies: performing crystal singing bowls simultaneously in the Olympic stadium and in every nation, creating worldwide resonance.  For the Closing Ceremonies: having a Japanese 'Bon' folk dance honoring ancestors and departed loved ones - danced by all the athletes on the field, the spectators in the stands and people around the planet - the whole world dancing together.

• Empowering entrepreneurs, especially youth and women in underserved communities to generate their own enterprises that address social needs and create jobs and prosperity, with transnational support.  (One initiative is 1M1B - One Million for One Billion

• Refugee enterprise - further developing a handloom weaving fashion project for Syian refugees that shares their stories through fabric and words, dispelling prejudice, distrust and fear, and through interwoven

• Providing free online media training available to anyone in the world. With social media, everyone is a reporter, yet false and misleading information is rampantly shared.  People with journalism skills can determine facts, seek verification and accountability.  This results in a discerning, responsible global citizenry vigilant against lies and propaganda and less susceptible to extremism. 

• 'Peace Innovators: From Ignorance to Enlightenment' Reducing street violence and saving young lives in the US and globally by creating local community peace centers - safe havens from violence providing conflict resolution workshops, employment training, mentors and inter-city support network. Inspired by a young man from the Bronx whose best friend was killed at 17 - this is his legacy.

• Transforming Money consciousness.  Money becomes recognized as creative energy that influences life. Instead of merely transactional, it is transformational. People become aware of how they are moving money and how their choices shape their lives and our society.

• Creating informed global investors groups incentivizing good governance, integrity and transparency, especially in emerging markets.

• Producing an international financial thriller movie franchise where prevailing concepts of money and power are dynamically challenged.

• Developing a Broadway musical about a photographer fighting for his art and his life during the deadly AIDS plague in 1980s San Francisco. This will bring a greater understanding of the crisis, empathy for the few who survived and the legions who did not, and healing to a community still profoundly devastated.

• Advancing production of MacKenzie's Cafe, a feature film about a young entrepreneur who starts up a cafe where people discover their dreams for themselves and the world.

Other intitiaves include:  empowering the autistic and  disabled, alternative strategties for disabling terrorism, accelerating an entrepreneur and women's (r)evolution in Japan, innovation in education.

Who am I to instigate this? As child I was profoundly moved by a LIFE magazine story "This Girl Tron" about a young girl who was strafed by bullets from US planes during the Vietnam War - her leg and her dreams were amputated. As a Japanese American whose parents were incarcerated in U.S. concentration camps during World War II as a result of President Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066, I understood fear, hatred and  racism. As a traveler backpacking around the world for a year through South America, Asia and Africa, I encountered people in comfort and prosperity and those in great need and despair. As a student of transformation, As a citizen, I saw how acting with individual and collecive courage, have made a difference. From these experiences, I choose every day to be responsible for my fellow human beings.

My career in media starting as a photo editor at national magazines and decades of activism has given me insight to people's lives, international contacts in many fields and the confidence that it is possible to achieve anything. I engage with leaders and innovators in diverse domains. I have founded new groups and launched initiatives that have profoundly impacted communities. I attend events including those at the United Nations, meeting change agents and connecting them to one another across cities and continents, acclerating transformation.

If you 'Prosper It Forward' you are expressing and empowering your own contribution to humanity. I invite you write in the comments section your purpose and legacy for the world and I will bring it with me wherever I go.

Thank you for  'Where the Hell Is Matt'  (

Passion, Purpose, Promise for the World -  Prosper It Forward! 

- Photograph by George Hirose


Organized by

Donna Tsufura

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