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I'm a married mommy of two and we've fallen victim to the economy like many families.  Right now we're in dire straights. Last week NV Power CLAIMED that if I paid the minimum of $89, that would keep our lights on and keep us eligible for their "payment plan."

Since I wasn't able to get help from a Christian Church I thought I was a member of, I turned to a Catholic church that was nice enough to make the $89 payment for me, gave my children backpacks for school and even a gift card to Target (which we were in big need of since we didn't even have paper towels, tissue, the everyday things people often take for granted).  

NV Power placed a Final Notice on my door yesterday morning demanding $734!!!   Their payment plan isn't the greatest but they're willing to allow us to pay $122.43  by the 28th.  After that, the $122.43 will turn into a $400 payment by Sept 28, another $400 in Oct.  Basically, they want us to pay the $122 in addition to the current bill each month.  I pray and hope I'll be working by or before then so it won't be an issue.  They want to keep up this "payment plan" until Jan.

After fourteen years of working for his company, my husband lost his job in April and was denied unemployment benefits. He appealed over and over but it was pointless.   When they finally agreed that he was entitled to his benefits, they said he'd have to wait until July 24 for a hearing!!!  Since he landed another job in July, they eagerly denied him of his rights again for that very reason!!!!  He really should have been given back pay because without his benefits, we wound up falling behind on EVERYTHING from rent to all our utilities and other bills. 

I was working  at the time but since we were in bad need of a second income, I applied for SNAPS and TANF.  We were turned down immediately for TANF because I had an income!  Unbelievable!  They actually think a family of four can survive off less than $500 a week!!!!  They also didn't feel we were an emergency case so they delayed our food stamps benefits. 

It was a relief when my husband eventually landed another job however, I wound up losing mine that same month.   During the month of July, our car was about to get repossessed!  We share a car and without it, I can't very well continue to search for work, get our children to and from school nor to and from the food banks as needed.  Its very difficult to do when we barely have money to keep gas in the car but becasue I have physical limitations, we can't do without a car.

Our water was shut off the other week and my husband was able to pay it once he returned from work however, the rest of his check had to go toward the car payments since we absolutely need it.

Being denied benefits has also caused us to fall behind on rent so there's the danger of losing our home and dogs. No one should ever have to go through this. There are so many times I wish I had the kind of income celebrities have so I could help those in need instead of having a reality show to flaunt my wealth.

I sell clothing online that our kids have outgrown but that's a business that goes up and down a lot too. I'm trying to do whatever I can for some type of income that will allow us to survive. If we get evicted, we'll have to give up our dogs and I don't know where we'll go. I know it'll be 10X as tough on our two children to lose the dogs; our youngest couldn't stop crying when our oldest escaped from the yard and was missing for about an hour or so.

I haven't made the money to get things our children need for school this year but it's more important for them to be fed.  The job market is HORRIBLE here in Vegas but I refuse to stop searching for one.  We just need a little help until we're on our feet again.



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