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Boarding House Mentors

By passing the stoke of surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding we transform the lives of at-risk youth! Tax ID 20-1392062


Why we need your support?

Because we currently we have a truck that does not want to help us transport our equipment for the youth to the beach! It is being very stubborn and not walking, in other words the truck just doesn't want us to take it the beach, because he's old, rusty and doesn’t want to start! Is that all we need help with? Nope! After 12 years in service, not only does the truck get old, but our surf equipment and food equipment (tables, tents and etc.) also get old and break. We currently have 10 surfboard that are in good condition, 25 very old wetsuits and rash guards that have been destroyed by fun and ZERO tents, table, emergency kits, and much more that are broken! Phew sorry for laying everything on the table! Well we are at it; we also want to thank you for your support and taking the time to learn about our program! We hope to see you on the beach one day! Remember you don’t have to be a surfer to volunteer! 

Our Mission

Boarding House Mentors is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of under-served youth by introducing them to the exhilaration of board sports. We provide a safe and supportive community environment which promotes positive self-image, inspires self-confidence, fosters healthy lifestyles, and encourages respect and awareness for the environment. BHM is an all-volunteer organization. 

Organization Overview:

We introduce at-risk youth to the exhilaration of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding in order to broaden their life experiences through healthy non-competitive activities. BHM volunteers bring their love and passion for board sports and dedicate their time to Pass the Stoke while BHM provides the necessary infrastructure to make this happen. These combined efforts create a unique community where BHM youth make new friends, encourage each other and achieve personal goals. 

How was BHM founded? What are our Orgins?

Boarding House Mentors (BHM) was established in the summer of 2002 by Alan Scott and Maria Busby. Alan Scott, an artist and former Dog Town and Z-boy, grew up in a tough neighborhood and credited surfing as saving his life. He wanted to give back to the sport that saved him. Maria Busby a former NSSA competitor dreamed of transforming the lives of young people by sharing her love of surfing, a sport that had changed her life. Together they created BHM to bring volunteers from the surf community together with at-risk youth. After being turned down by a number of community organizations, Alan connected with Tony LoRe, founder of Youth Mentoring Connection. Tony recognized Alan's passion and the value of the program. Tony shared Alan and Maria's belief that it was possible to change the lives of youth by introducing them to the sport of surfing. Alan and Maria recruited volunteer surfers and Tony brought some young boys and girls from his program along with their adult mentors. The first Boarding House surf session was held on Bay Street Beach, south of the Santa Monica pier on June 6, 2002. It was a huge success. The volunteers had a great time working with these boys and girls who never dreamed they could have so much fun. Volunteer, Chris Black said, “We came to inspire these kids, but we are the ones who were inspired.” The experience opened up a whole new world to these young people. Many of them had never been to the beach. They felt a great sense of accomplishment and exhilaration when they stood up and rode the waves. More importantly, they discovered a new community that welcomed them as “surfers”. They held their heads high, walked taller and smiled from ear to ear. Boarding House Mentors has been growing ever since.