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Prevent and Eradicate 2 Very Harmful Practices That Harm Girls and Women


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Pastoralist Child Foundation (PCF) works to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage by hosting workshops for youths, adults, and elders at the grassroots level. PCF also provides scholarships for girls to attend secondary boarding schools.

We envision a world where all girls and women are treated with respect and never marginalized or harmed. FGM is a deeply rooted practice that has affected approximately 200 Million girls and women around the world. Millions more are at risk. So, we're working to end it within a generation. Child marriage also negatively affects girls. Too many are forced to marry older men immediately following FGM. They drop out of school and unfortunately, never pursue their dreams to become teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc.   

PCF has saved 1,100 girls from FGM. Education is the best replacement for FGM. Our Alternative Rites of Passage provide the best way forward for girls transitioning into womanhood. 

Please visit our website to learn the who/what/where/when/why of FGM.