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Macy’s has teamed up with CrowdRise to host a friendly fundraising competition designed to help nonprofits – like Path to Greatness - across the country raise awareness, recognition, and most importantly resources.

Path to Greatness is a charitable organization that brings together people, businesses, churches and government agencies to give back to the community in creative ways.  One way is through our Showin’ Love Program which was developed to help members of our community who are challenged with maintaining homes and caring for their families.  Our offerings to Showin’ Love families are based on the growing support we receive from the community.  Behind the scenes are caring staff, volunteers and donors who give what they can to help.

Every donation to our cause means we can help more families by creating additional events for volunteerism and philanthropy.

Money raised and won will go towards activities and programs that engage volunteers and philanthropists in support of our community and enhance Path to Greatness’ sustainability.

Get caught in the act of greatness.  Lend a hand.  Give what you can.