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Pathway of Hope Wellness Center

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Pathway of Hope Wellness Center is a place where functioning people living with a mental illness and those who are affected by these life-altering diseases can come and find therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere with people just like them. The huge problem in today's society is the lack of support for the middle class living with a mental illness (I prefer to call it a "brain disease" because it is an illness--a chemical imbalance in the brain--just like diabetes is an illness). The poor and homeless have many places to go to seek help. The rich can afford the upscale centers. Which leaves the middle class with no help. Pathway of Hope Wellness Center solves this problem. It caters to the functioning middle class living with a brain disease and those who are affected by it, including all ages. They must be able to function so that they do not disrupt groups to keep a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. This will also help with the stigma of having, living or knowing someone with a brain disease. Not only is Pathway of Hope Wellness Center not a medical facility/psychiatric hospital that adds stigma, it is simply a place to come and recharge without the stigma of telling people you are in a psychiatric facility. Also, the community is more likely to embrace Pathway of Hope Wellness Center because it is for middle class functioning people and not a place for severely mentally sick people. This Center will change so many lives. Living with a brain disease myself, I know all of the extremely difficult challenges and stress that comes with it. And when only a psychologist and psychiatrist (one who prescribes medication) are there for you, it can get pretty lonely. People that come to the center will get a break from dealing with everyday struggles and help them cope in healthy ways. There will be all sorts of therapy for the people when they walk through the door. Typical therapy for individuals, families, and groups; art/art and crafts, gardening or being outside in a huge courtyard, dog therapy, sleep-inducing rooms for people with insomnia yet need rest, massage rooms, movie rooms, offices and more!!! Not only do people functioning still need help, they can become high-functioning people with your help. My beginning goal is to rent a space with four rooms for each group: adults with a brain disease, adults affected by a brain disease, and those two groups for children. My ultimate goal is to buy a lot of land and custom build A Pathway of Hope Wellness Center. That of course would be cost multi-millions. For now I am looking to pay my board of directors, therapists, rent out a space, pay for tickets for board members who live out of state when we really need an in-person meeting and not just skyping, money for decorating (mainly furniture) the rented-out space, tablets for board members and legal fees. I am probably looking at least $500,000. More would be amazing!! Did you know that 20-25% of Americans suffer from a brain disease!! That means that you have a 1 on 4 or 1 in 5 chance of knowing someone living with a brain disease, whether diagnosed or not. You cannot pass up donating to Pathway of Hope Wellness Center to help those who need your support to keep functioning. At Pathway of Hope Wellness Center, WHERE WE THRIVE AND DON'T JUST SURVIVE! For your donation, you will receive a free surprise gift from Pathway of Hope Wellness Center!



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