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Restoring Hope...Repairing Hearts...Inspiring Change To make difference in the lives of those who need our help to make better choices by: Providing loving, forever homes for our program dogs. By Providing life and career skills for our program participants. And by Providing Service Dogs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Tax ID 02-0536487


Did you Know?    

Over 5 million dogs are euthanized annually in shelters across America.
That there are more people in jail or prison in the US than we have school teachers.
That the Center for Disease Control now reports that 1 in 28 children are afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


While we live in one of the most progressive economies in the world, we still struggle to identify reliable and cost-effective solutions that address each of these issues.  Unlike traditional bureaucratic institutions, Pathways to Hope, a 501(3) non-profit organization, is working diligently to tackle them head on by restoring hope, repairing hearts and inspiring change within our community through our programs.


Through our “Cell Dogs” programs, we are committed to making a difference in our communities by changing the lives of individuals and dogs that need our help to make better choices.  These training programs are community collaborative efforts, which include, ourselves, local shelter and rescue groups and the participating correctional facility.  Each partner plays an important role in developing a specialized training program which includes an intensive 4 week lecture/demo instructions for the incarcerated participants, followed by 8 to 10 weeks of basic obedience training with the selected shelter dogs.  While participating in the initial training curriculum, some special dogs display the characteristics that make them ideally suited to “serve others” and are selected to participate in advanced training once they complete the initial training phase.  Those “special” dogs will be promoted to a customized, advanced training program to become service dogs for children afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The other canine participants will be lovingly adopted upon graduation from basic obedience training.  These programs provide a “win-win” scenario for all involved!  The shelter dogs are given a second chance for a wonderful live while learning basic manners; the incarcerated handlers learn a new set of life and career skills; and the adopters are the beneficiaries of a well-trained, loving dog!


It is our hope that every dog we save and life we touch helps to mend the very fabric of our communities.  Only through your generosity, can we continue to improve the scope of our work and efforts.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and know that with your support, you have saved the life of a shelter dog, given an inmate a chance to succeed and helped a family cope with the difficulties of Autism.


Sincere Thanks,


Pathways to Hope