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Hi there! My name is Patti, and I am a Photography major! I just started my first semester as a college student, and to no surprise, it is very expensive. I have been searching for a job since December, but have had no luck in the matter. I was approved for FAFSA, and even took out loans, but I am still struggling to buy all the supplies that I need. As an Art major, it seems as if I need to purchase something that is $30 every week! I have been running off of my savings, but that has been quickly depleated. If I do not get the required film, paper, clay, boards, etc. I will fail projects which would be very disappointing to me as I am currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA. My grades, and education mean a lot to me and messing them up due to not having the money for the supplies would be very upsetting. I decided to start school after taking six years to work after high school. During that time I started my own photography business, and took photos for low income families for free. This included weddings, senior portraits and family portraits. I found out during this time that I needed to imporive my skill, and decided going back to school would be the best option for me. I was right! Since starting, I better understand my camera, my lenses, and how to edit photos. It has only been five weeks! I have been loving every minute of it, and hope to continue working on the required projects. My school has cameras we can sign out for 24 hours, which is a huge relief! My first week of classes, my DSLR that I have had for eight years broke! It was very upsetting, but I knew about the school's lenders, so I have not worried. However, I have increasingly become more and more nervous about purchasing the film and paper needed for my main photography course. This course requires me to use ISO 400 Black and White film, and RC Black and White 8x10 Paper. The bookstore on my campus has a really good deal on a package of these supplies. $30 for two rolls of film and a pack of 25 sheets of paper. I have only had to buy one package so far, but we have spent the previous weeks learning how to develop our own film, and how it all works. Starting this week, we started developing our own photos, which requires 3-6 sheets per photo! This means that not even one package of 25 sheets of paper can develop the whole roll of film, as the film comes with 36 exposures. For some of my other classes I am required to buy clay, matte boards, and other art supplies. While these purchases are usually much smaller, they still add up. A typical cost for one of these projects usually ranges from $15-$40 and we start new projects every couple of weeks. I also have bills that I have to pay on my own as I am financially independent. I have suspended my cellphone in order to cut back on the cost of that, but still I am paying for a storage unit which is $45 a month. I paid this 2 months in advance when I started school, but those 2 months are almost over now, and I will soon receive a bill for that as well. With all of these costs, and little to no money, I need to ask for help. It is my hope that someone will find my cause and help me out. I am asking, but I do not expect anything. Thank you so much, and please, help this art student out! "The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create." -President Barack Obama



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