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Jason Wake Up Call's Fundraiser:

Bus Fare For Paul Williams, (Heard on the Wake Up Call, 107.9 the End)

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EVENT DATE: Aug 15, 2013

Jason Wake Up Call


I woke up this morning and the first story I read (link below) was about Paul Williams from Antelope, CA. Paul was at Walmart when he found $4000 cash in an envelope (along with a $1000 check). He attempted to find the owner, but there envelope didn't have a name on it. After trying, and failing to the Walmart manager, he caught the bus and went home.

At home, he told his wife what happened to his wife, and they both knew they had to do the right thing! They tracked down the woman who lost the envelope and returned the money to the woman who lost the envelope.

She was planning on using the money to pay off her second mortgage when she accidentally lost the envelope and was devastated by her careless mistake.

As far as I can tell, the woman who lost the money didn't give Paul Williams anything for doing the right thing. No, I'm not judging her. Everyone has a different situation and personal story. Maybe she did give him some money, but as of 4:00am on 8/15/13, if that did happen, it hasn't been reported.

Long story short, I want to try and collect $4000 for Paul Williams. I'm not sure if Paul is one of those guys who says stuff like "I don't want your handouts," but just in case, I'm positioning this as "Bus Money for Paul Williams".

We know Paul rides the bus. The bus isn't free. Let's try and raise $4000 in bus fare for him!! (I mean, if Paul and his wife want to use the money for something else, that's up to them. That's totally cool with me!!)

Thanks you for helping and thank you for listening to the Wake Up Call, on 107.9 the End!!,


(The Wake Up Call w/ Jason, Gavin, and Katie, weekday mornings, 5:30-10:00am, on 107.9 the End)



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Jason is working on selecting a charity so you can support Bus Fare For Paul Williams, (Heard on the Wake Up Call, 107.9 the End).