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Paul Kerber's Fundraiser:

Paws Over Pittsburgh 2018

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BENEFITING: Humane Animal Rescue

ORGANIZER: Humane Animal Rescue

EVENT: 2018 Pittsburgh Marathon

EVENT DATE: May 06, 2018

Paul Kerber


Humane Animal Rescue wrote -

Welcome to Paws Over Pittsburgh, Humane Animal Rescue's page for the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. We're thrilled that you have decided to step beyond yourself and include the well-being of domestic and wild animals as part of your overall training plan. By choosing to partner with us, you will be an advocate of our mission to educate people, as well as care for and restore animals to good homes. In return, we will partner with your training through opportunities to meet and exercise with like-minded friends, receive fun prizes for your advocacy milestones, and encourage your desire to Run for their Rescue!

Here are some of the ways we'll use the funds you raise:

 $30 will cover the cost of micro-chipping a cat or dog.
 $50 will provide low-cost spay/neuter services to a family who couldn’t otherwise afford it.
$100 will provide behavioral training for an animal to help her find a new home more quickly.
$1,000 will cover the total care for an animal that stays in our shelter for one month.

Fundraising Minimums:

Relay Team - $750
Full Marathon - $500
Half Marathon - $350
5K - $150
Kids Marathon - $50

Pet Walk - $50

We offer innovative and fun events to ensure that you'll exceed your minimum fundraising goal! 


  • Jam on Walnut September 2017


  • Jam on Walnut: Halloween


  • Anonymous



289% Raised of$350 Goal

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2 years ago

Jam on Walnut: Halloween

Jam on Walnut: Halloween


2 years ago

Jam on Walnut September 2017

Jam on Walnut September 2017


2 years ago