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Paws & People

We have taken on a TREMENDOUS task for our future, and we can't pull this off without YOU! Tax ID 47-1480684


When we began our journey in the non profit sector, we were told several times, "Pick one cause or the other. " or " Do you think that's wise?" And many other discouraging things that I won't mention. 

We saw too many things wrong in our world today. Not that we're trying to do it ALL, but every little bit counts. 

We decided to bring together two causes near and dear to our hearts, and fuse them together to make one AWESOME way of giving back.

We are the organization who has decided to help out pets needing homes. We will care for them and provide medical care, shelter and love to the furry people we see that need us. And we will find them great loving homes so that they always have someone to snuggle on rainy days. Or play with on sunny days. Nothing's better for man's best friend then the opportunity to hang their heads out of the car window while cruisin' with their favorite human.

That's only one cause, right?! 

Well, since we have a lot of care and cuddling to provide, we have decided that we'll enlist the community to help us out. The elderly, who just need someone to keep their laps warm, or someone to listen to the stories that make up their lives; the homeless, who sometimes need a break from thinking about their situations and care about someone else's; and we can't leave out our favorite - the teens. The same generation that will one day care for us the same way, if not better than we cared for them. They need a start, and we want to be there to lend that helping hand when no one else will. 

So, now you have an idea of what we plan to do to make the world a little bit better.