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Lacey Paxman

Lacey Paxman
Lehi, UT United States
Stuff About Me:

Our Journey to Adoption…

We (Seth and Lacey) met in the fall of 2009, and began dating pretty quick.  In the Summer of 2010 we became engaged.  In April 2011 we were married surrounded by all of our amazing friends and family.  We knew that as soon as we got married we wanted to start our family…

Late Fall 2011 we met with our OB to discuss fertility, he prescribes medication to take and see where hormone levels were at.  These medications were monitored but appeared to be ineffective. 

In December 2011, we purchased our first home together where our spare bedroom was named “ the Baby’s Room.”

In January 2012, after not seeing any results with our OB we decided to seek the expertise of a Reproductive Specialist. We started a several different tests immediately looking at everything from egg quality, HSC, Blood draws, Saline Sonograms, Several sperm tests testing mobility, motility, health, age, and quantity. None of this lead us to answers…

After being on medication that was suppose to help and each month getting the painful realization that our dreams were not happening we started getting more aggressive.  We did Seven(7) IUI procedures with varying medications to go along with them.  Our Final attempt  was in March of 2013 after doing not only oral but injected medications along with being heavily monitored during our final IUI we finally had our POSITIVE!

Seth and I had went away for the weekend to one of my favorite spots for out anniversary weekend. I knew that I was suppose to take a home pregnancy test the day we left but held off doing so until we returned as to not ruin our vacation.  When we got home Seth went to get breakfast and came home with a test.  It immediately read “pregnant”  We couldn’t believe it… This was really happening!!!  We immediately called the doctor to be able to confirm by blood.  It was True, we were going to be parents!!!!

About a week later I started having some pain and spotting, I became immediately concerned as any new mother with her first pregnancy would.  I went to the doctor and they said its too early to know anything so we waited… a day later I was in SO much pain Seth took me to the ER where they checked everything and determined that due to pregnancy my gall bladder has become inflamed (apparently this is common, who knew?)  I went home ready to change my diet completely to alleviate the pain and do anything to not take pain pills I didn’t want to hurt our baby nicknamed peanut.  That Saturday I woke up in the worst pain of my life!  I went to the ER again to see what else we could do 2 pain pills were not calming the pain…. It was then that we got the worst news… This Pregnancy was Ectopic and it had ruptured.  My baby was gone, and there was nothing anyone could do to make the heartache go away.

I was taken into emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding the rupture had caused and to have my gall bladder removed at my request… I didn’t want it effecting another pregnancy down the road. We took a several months off “trying” to have a baby… the thought of loosing another was too painful.  The cost too much and we needed to regroup.

In November 2013, things were off and that lead us to taking yet another home pregnancy test… although this time we got the shock of a lifetime... we were PREGNANT again… How could this be, we weren’t really “trying”, this was also the timeframe in which our sweet peanut was to be born… it felt like a blessing to get this great news just when I knew the sadness was going to take over again.  We had found out the day before Thanksgiving and were so excited to tell out family the next day the great news. 

2 weeks later after having my HCG levels monitored  every other day, we got devastating news… My HCG was going down and this pregnancy was going to be miscarried.  The day we found out that this new little bean was no longer was the exact due date I had with my previous pregnancy.  How could I handle all these emotions?

Through this process we have talked to many specialists who have told us that we would be poor candidates for in-vitro, during to surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy we discovered that my ovaries are too far up for monitoring and egg retrieval, As well as having some endometriosis.

Over the last year we have hoped and prayed that we would be able to conceive on our own if we “just relaxed” and “didn’t stress” or “think about it” and tried to enjoy our life.  In July and August we starting talking about the idea of adoption…

Through countless prayers and conversations with each other we feel very strongly that Adoption is the path we need to take to bring home our baby!  We want nothing more than to be a family and play cars or Barbie’s, to be up at 2,4,and 6 every night, to change poopy diapers. We want to be able raise a family and show them all the amazing things this world can offer more than anything.  After looking at several agencies and private avenues we have chosen to work with an Agency  that has amazing results and amazing stories, and has helped hundreds of families for over 20 years.  All this great expertise however comes at a cost that feels almost impossible to reach…

We know that we have an AMAZING support team behind us who will do whatever it takes to help us reach our dreams.  All we ask if that if you can please donate to helping our dreams come true, Please feel free to share out story in any way you see fit.  We want others to know they are NOT alone in the struggles of infertility.

Also, please understand that this is something so very close to our hearts and something that has taken us some time to digest and come to the conclusion that we need help.  We both really wish that it was easier to do this alone and not ask for help.

THANK YOU!!! For taking the time to read our story.



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