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Payatas Mission Outreach Inc


First and foremost we introduce the poor and broken hearted to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ. We do that the same way He has done. We feed , clothe, help with medicines, medical missions, VBS, Camp, Christmas celebration on and on.

We are especially big on education. The schools here can be as much as 80 to a class. Little learning gets done. Every member here donates time to tutor students and bring them up in their studies. We have been here six years going on seven. It has paid off. We just put our first young person in college and in the first sem she received a 1.5 average (1,0 being the highest) We have just applied this Sem for three more. All the children are doing well in school. We also teach English for those who might want a career in a call center or higher.

We started a music program with one borrowed guitar. We now have 12 guitarists, 10 violinists, 7 keyboard and two harmonica players, 2 flutists and a clarinet player and 3 Ukeleles along with 6 recorder players.. God is Great! We even made a Christmas CD. Email me and I will tell you how to get it free!

Our goal is not to maintain poverty but to lift these kids right out of it. Recently a couple of college students wanted to interview our kids for their thesis on poverty. When they were done they said they were shocked. I asked why? They said because these children expressed that they wanted to be doctors and pilots and teachers and such when they grew up.I said, what's shocking about that? They said the goal of the kids in Payatas is to work on the garbage trucks. They have no hope.

So that's it in a nutshell. Here we instill hope and provide the means to make their goals.

Think that's good? We do all that on approximately $1,200 per month which includes our missionaries family's expenses. Please help. We could do so much more.