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Every 24 hours or less, we lose members of our families and our communities to poverty. PDC Communitty Urban & Inner City Services, Inc. helps thousands of disadvantaged individuals through the pantry; (feeding homeless and disadvantaged families), clothing, counseling, social services, second change program, job training skills, tutorial and literacy skills, and an academic program to help at risk  and high school drop outs earn a high school diploma (ages 14-100) in Houston, Texas Fifth Ward and surrounding communities. The toll of unemployment and under employed has taken on families is caused more individuals to fall below the poverty guidelines and needing social, educational and human services.  PDC Community Organization and volunteers have given to help families, children and seniors as services permit. We have served more than 5000 individual and enjoy helping and giving back so that others can realuze we care and they too, can help. Poverty steals from families in many ways, such as the human life, mind and dream of a family member. Sometimes it's through drug addiction, domestic abuse, delinquency, illiteracy, drop out, poor self worth, crime, teen pregancy, disaster and even death. PDC Community Organization has helped so many individualls through services offered and has hundreds of success stories. Approximately, 98% of individuals enrolled in the program completes it and becomes gainfully employed; 93% enrolls as a college student, 3% enterpreneur and 2% enlist in the military, 2% attrition. It is so rewarding when you have helped an individual to become successful and realize a goal that once felt impossible. This alone, is worth Help Others to find their way as well. But now PDC Community needs your Organization needs help to expand services offered to assist more people. Please Help Us To  Help Others! Thank You!