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Peace is the bedrock of all social progress. We support the grassroots heroes who make it happen. Tax ID 27-4681063


In every conflict zone worldwide, there are always local people effectively building peace: stopping violence, saving lives, healing their own communities. 


Peace Direct finds, funds, and promotes the work of some of the most trailblazing and effective of peacebuilders in the world, local heroes taking concrete action for peace:


Rescuing child soldiers and reintegrating them into their communities...


Launching micro-loan programs to raise families out of poverty, so violence isn't such a lucrative option...


Leading dialogue workshops that diffuse tensions...


Educating and empowering girls...


Speaking out loudly against religious extremism...


— Putting their own lives on the line, to save lives.


More and more, research shows that the most effective — and cost effective — way to end violent conflict is to channel resources into local peacebuilding efforts.


We find and support social entrepreneurs who know how to harness their savvy, skill, knowledge, optimism, perseverance, and resolve to stop violence and turn the tides of conflict in their communities, once and for all.


And the peace they build can spread like ripples into waves.


Will you join the movement for local peacebuilding? Stand with us.