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Peace for Mexico

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Peace for Mexico

Mexico suffers from violence and corruption.

• 88% of Mexicans say corruption is frequent

• Last year there were more than 17,000 homicides

• Mexican citizens are desperate

Much of this violence and corruption is related to the illegal drug-market; 50% of homicides were executions by organized crime. In some states this percentage is more than 70%. Every year, 8,000 young Mexicans are executed by drug-gangs.

Many Mexicans live in constant fear and distrust the government and police. Much crime goes un-reported; 74% say security has not improved. We need to change that.

We promote peace through government reform and citizens’ awareness and participation. Our mission is to make Mexico safer by empowering citizens. We know complex systems have the capacity to self-regulate and they do so with information. From different sources we extract data and proactively send it back to the system as useful decision-making and preventive information.

The name of this social project is Semaforo Delictivo, which translates into “Crime Traffic Light.” Every month we publish crime rates of every state and municipality in Mexico in a very intuitive way that anyone can understand. Citizens use this to become more aware of crime in the area, to protect their family and to press for better strategies.

We are a team of experts with over twenty years of experience in government reform, social activism, data-mining and complex systems. We come from experience and have created success stories in several conflict states.

• In Sonora (borders with Arizona), by working with both government and citizens, and using crime profiles and preventive information, we managed to radically reduce most crimes including domestic violence and rape. Sonora is one of the safest states in Mexico’s northern border.

• In Nuevo León (borders with Texas), we teamed up with NGOs and were able to improve government performance; this state has dramatically reduced high-impact crime in the past years and regained confidence in government.

But we don’t stop there. We have an app where users can alert other users of nearby crime or acts of corruption. We have other tools that monitor corruption, un-reported crime, prosecution, social development and education. We translate complex data into useful information. We understand violence and corruption as complex issues that have to be addressed in many ways, but one that we know works well is increasing citizen awareness and participation. We recently launched a new app that allows users to rank government services. If we want better government we need to provide better tools, technology and information to our citizens.

We are partially funded by Mexican business and citizens but need your help to grow the movement. This year we need $120,000 to scale our ability to process and report information.

Our website is and our Facebook page is Semaforo Delictivo where we have more than 190,000 followers. We add 2,000 followers every week from every state in Mexico.

Our customers are common citizens, NGOs, media and government officials. We are regarded as a reliable source. We provide knowledge and strategies for the peace process. We are very frequently on the national news promoting good government, better strategies and well-informed social activism.

Crowdrise is a phenomenal idea and we are excited to post our project to all of you. We hope you join us and participate in this process to regain peace and progress in Mexico by empowering of the people.

Join the movement and help us make Mexico a safer place!



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