CROWDRISE : Jan 29, 2016
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Create Peace Departments

We are gathering ONE BILLION signatures to enact a United Nations Global Resolution that creates peace departments in governments worldwide.

Our intention is to create empowering platforms in government, education, business and the arts through which global citizens, nations and different cultures can join together and cultivate the shared interests and common ground that form the foundation of global peace.  


Our ultimate goal is to build up the muscles in our world, so in the tug of war for our future, the muscles of peace will have much more collective strength.


To help support the international Culture of Peace, we are creating "Films for Peace" that deliver life-changing wisdom and gather signatures for our global peace department initiative.  


Our next "Film for Peace," The Principle, will be directed by Academy Award® nominee, James Cromwell.


Our first "Film for Peace," Admissions, is a transformational story about forgiveness and the Middle East conflict. The film stars James Cromwell and has won 26 international awards, was translated into Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, and broadcast to 80 million people worldwide.


To watch a free "Gift of Peace" screening of Admissions, we warmly invite you to visit and click on the free viewing link.


While you are there, we would also be very grateful if you would sign the Global Resolution that creates Peace Departments in governments worldwide and then ask someone you care about to add their signature too.


Thank you very much for your kind support of The Principle and global peace.



"The best way to destroy an enemy is make him a friend."

  Abraham Lincoln







Tax ID: 46-5136334 •


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