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Project PeacePal is an international peace through education and service organization that strives to create the next generation of leaders and peace builders through international friendships.

Our pen pal programs reach thousands of youth in a dozen countries including: Afghanistan, Burundi, Congo (ROC), China, The Gambia, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Senegal, Togo, Uganda, and the U.S.! One of the ways that you can support these programs is to adopt a classroom (see below for details).

Our service project this year is Stamp Out Malaria, a youth-led initiative which will send thousands of lifesaving anti-malarial bednets to vulnerable PeacePal communities in West Africa. Please visit our Stamp Out Malaria Project Page to find out how you support this cause and have more than a little bit of fun at the same time!

So...you may (or may not) be wondering how you can donate to Project PeacePal and/or our Stamp Out Malaria project. We're so glad you asked! Or if you didn't...then you should have!  

1. To support Project PeacePal's international pen pal programs (postage, translation, international program director expenses such as travel to schools) simply click on the orange Donate button to the right on THIS page...over there, above and to the right...see it? Now click on it! That felt good, didn't it? Maybe you should do it again...  

2.  Adopt a Classroom: Adopting a classroom is a focused and powerful way to help out kids around the world. Your sponsorship will provide classroom materials (Think: Paper! Notebooks! Pencils! Pens!). The more money we raise, the more materials we can send. (Think: Cameras! Computers! School buses filled with books!). Our current adopt a classroom projects are for Ghana and Togo, but there are many other classrooms waiting to be adopted. Please contact info@peacepal.org for more details or check out our website!.

3.  Now that you're on a roll, to support our Stamp Out Malaria project, click HERE or scroll down to the Projects section and click on the photo of the girl peeking out at you from under the mosquito net. She's hoping you'll buy a family pack of three nets for $15!

For better karma, please take a moment to forward this to friends and family who you think might be interested. For New and Improved Karma become a friend and fundraiser for Project PeacePal by clicking those buttons on the right!