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Peace Production

Peace Production
CROWDRISE : Jun 19, 2010
Tax ID: 20-3782115
BASED: Eugene, OR, United States


Heartists in EverLand

Peace Production is inspiring a new humanity of Heartists – those who commit to making the journey from head to heart and express from the heart with love and compassion for the good of all - to educate humanity as to our true nature. In the heart we discover our true nature; bringing forth visions, ideas, art, inventions, imaginings, and business models for a world that cares and shares. We produce positive growth and sustainable projects (such as but not limited to) events, activities, programs, books, films, publications and business models. Peace Production leads the way in how to co-create as a team, supporting and promoting artists of all expressions.

In a scattered and fragmented world ~ Peace Production helps individuals return to their own source of oneness within and sparks their imagination with the possibility of dreaming a world in harmony with nature and one another.  Once we discover our own oneness, we are free to co-create with others and produce a world of Peace.

Peace Production is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the shifting of cultures for humanity. Where there is hatred and bigotry, we teach compassion and caring action. Where there is fear, we bring peace of mind. Where there is wounding, we bring healing. Where there is hunger, we bring food. Where there are homeless, we bring shelter. Where there are dreams and visions, we help manifest those dreams. 

WE operate for the 'greater good of all.' Every action and every program considers the 'big picture' before development. No individual need is greater than another and every individual need is crucial for all. Peace Production offers a way to support what is NEW, Growing, and Living - keeping our focus peacefully centered in humanity, for only when humanity is at peace - will there be peace between nations and peoples.  When inner peace is obtained by individuals, it will expand and 'infect' others. 

Peace Production is first and foremost creating systems, programs, and projects that support youth in building the world they want to live in and raise families in peace. Art, music, theater, dance, mindfulness, healing modalities, and innovation are methods we use to teach and implement community based programs that guide and direct the garden of humanity's mind and heart.

"There is only one peace to produce... in the heart of humanity."  Andras Maros, Founder and Chair Peace Production

Tax ID: 20-3782115 •


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