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Dr Trent Hippard's Fundraiser:

Peak Potential Outreach - Fiji

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EVENT DATE: Jun 27, 2013

Dr Trent Hippard


Hi Everyone! If your reading or were asked to look at this donation page it was because you are a valuable person to help me reach my goal to serve the impoverished and underserved people of Fiji. I really need your help with this awesome opportunity to share the power and healing of chiropractic! Will you read a little bit about the mission? Just remember any donation will help and for those of you in the area of where I practic (Roscoe, IL) if you donate $50 you will receive the initial consultation, exam and x-rays (usually $250) for your donation. A win-win situation for all, you help others receive true health care by providing yourself with it first! Thank you so much! Let's reach this goal together!

Background: Peak Potential Outreach (herein referred to as PPO) is a non-profit foundation incorporated in 2011 in the United States under regulations of incorporation as defined by the Articles of Incorporation of a 501c3 entity. The process was directed by Ms. Milissa K. Hofmann of Brooks Law Firm in Davenport, IA and was approved by the Iowa Secretary of State.

As per the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, the Senior Director/President of PPO is Dr. Ramneek Singh Bhogal, BS, DC, DABCI. With a strong background of business ownership, clinical expertise, and academics, Dr. R. Bhogal has been leading healthcare teams for the past 11 years. He has led 13 trips to Fiji, 2 to Jamaica, and 1 to India. These volunteer teams have brought care providers such as chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, and medical doctors to these various countries. Dr. R. Bhogal has operated his own private functional medicine practice for 10 years in the United States as well as serving as a faculty member at the world’s premier chiropractic institution for the same duration in holding the rank of Assistant Professor. He holds a board certification in diagnosis and internal disorders and has published both clinical and educational research in national peer reviewed journals.

As per the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, the Director/Vice President of PPO is Dr. Stephanie O’Neill Bhogal, BS, DC, DICCP. Dr. S. Bhogal brings a strong clinical and educational background of obstetrics and pediatrics to the organization. She has been in private practice for 11 years as well as holds the rank of Associate Professor at the world’s premier chiropractic institution teaching obstetrics, gender based issues, and pediatrics. Dr. S. Bhogal has been actively involved in 10 years of volunteer work as well, having served the women and children of Fiji, Haiti, Morocco, and Jamaica. Dr. S. Bhogal is board certified in clinical pediatrics and serves as an examiner on the International Chiropractic Association’s Board of Clinical Pediatrics. She has published her research in peer reviewed journals as well as presented at international conferences.

Purpose: PPO wishes to continue the volunteer work of it’s directors by organizing and coordinating a healthcare volunteer group to serve for a 9 day duration during the following dates: February 24th – March 4th, 2012. The goal is to have a multidisciplinary healthcare team provide comprehensive healthcare to populations that are underserved/underprivileged or those that are in need of specialized care. In the past, detailed physical exams and assessments have been conducted and we have worked with local physicians and hospitals to ensure that emergent cases are dealt with properly and that appropriate referrals are made for ongoing care. Most importantly, patient education on healthy lifestyle as it pertains to exercise, diet, and stress reduction will be imparted to the populations we serve.

Population: In the past, Dr. R. Bhogal and Dr. S. Bhogal have provided services for orphanages, schools for children with special needs, school children of all ages, patients in hospitals that have seen limited results with physical therapy and musculoskeletal symptoms, patients in village settings, and for church communities in rural areas. For the past 11 years, we have cared for, and educated patients far and wide so as to promote a healthier and happier Fiji. We propose that we continue to serve this population of patients.
Costs/Materials: PPO and its volunteer team participants will place no financial burden on the country of Fiji whatsoever. All team members will be self-funded providing for their accommodations, travel, and supply all necessary equipment and supplies needed to conduct all volunteer service. Team members will pay their projected budgeted expenses directly out of pocket or solicit donations on their own accord to offset their trip costs.
Services: PPO traveled to Fiji in Feb/March 2012 with the following team members: 1 dental hygienist, 1 nurse practitioner, 1 pediatric chiropractor, 1 chiropractic internist, 2 health educators, and 5 general chiropractic physicians. With this team, we conducted the following:

Basic dental exam and prophylaxis treatment

Dental education for all populations

Routine physical examinations

o Blood pressure evaluations

o Blood glucose evaluations

Orthopedic and neurological evaluations

Evaluate for musculoskeletal pathology

Manual treatment for musculoskeletal joint dysfunction

Lifestyle and wellness/prevention based education relative to nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction

Provide baseline care, nutritional advice, and health education to pregnant mothers

Provide baseline care, nutritional advice, and health education to pediatric patients

Ergonomic counseling / home therapy for musculoskeletal injuries

Identify emergent cases for referral and consultation to local healthcare providers.



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