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Spencer Skerget's Fundraiser:

Pedaling 1500 kilometers closer to the cure

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BENEFITING: CureDuchenne


EVENT DATE: Jan 03, 2017

Spencer Skerget


Andreane Lanthier Nadeau wrote -

Spencer and I (Andréane) are getting ready to bike down the Californian coast for Christmas. Spencer as a much more adventure-proof background than myself. He has been on many backpacking trips and self-supported biking trips, notably completing the Colorado Trail last august. I, on the other hand, am more of an elite athlete that enjoys pushing my own limits. 

In September we began living with new roommates, Leigh and Dawson. Leigh and Spencer are childhood friends from Watson Lake (Yukon very small town). Getting to know Leigh and Daws has challenged many assumptions and beliefs that I had, so far, formed in my life. I met these two awesome people, who were just as passionate as me, but passionate about helping people with disabilities, which is something I had not been exposed to in my life.

Dawson's two younger brother have a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most severe form of muscular dystrophy, it affects roughly 1 in 35 000 boys. A dysfunction in the membrane of muscles cells causes severe atrophy and cell death leading to the primary symptom of muscles weakness emerge at age 4 and quickly gets worse, confining affected boys to a wheelchair early on. There is still no cure for DMD, and because muscle function is an essential vital function, boys who have it have a limited life-span. Gene-therapy research is promising, but still more research is ongoing.

Living with Leigh and Dawson and hearing about Dawson's younger brothers (through this video) made me look back on my life. It made me realize that my life had revolved around the pursuit of an athletic career, which boils down to: working to make my muscles stronger and better; make my body more efficient. It made me think of how much being an athlete has brought me: The possibility of following a dream has been the main focus of my life. I've always had this lingering feeling that what I was doing was kind of self-centered, not selfish, but still revolving around me. After all, when you are an athlete your body is your tool. I am not depicting athletes as selfish here, I know many athlete that are just awesome and caring people. I believe that the self-centered process that athletes go through is outweighed by the good that comes out of it; inspiring kids, teens, or adults to strive for excellence, and to follow their dreams.

What I am trying to get at here is that I just thought it would be a great thing if my jump back into the self-centered process of training could help others too. That's why Spencer and I decided to start a fundraiser with the Cure Duchenne foundation. We set a goal of 1$ for every mile we are going to pedal, which should be around 1000.

**We set the goal in miles as the donation's currency is USD. Please consider the exchange rate when making yours, thank you.**

If you would like to help find a cure, please donate.

1 pedal stroke at a time, 1 donation at a time.


Andréane & Spencer


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Trena Irving

Trena Irving


1 year ago

Your girlfriend

Your girlfriend


Because you made coffee every morning and got on board with this crazy idea without any second thought 1 year ago

Matthew Poirier

Matthew Poirier


Great idea you two! 1 year ago