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Our mission is to provide quality therapeutic riding and equine related activities to people with special physical and emotional needs to improve their health and well-being. As Pegasus Project continues to grow and strengthen as a special service organization in the Yakima community, our goal continues to be to provide our riders with a positive, safe, life enriching experience

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We are located in the Yakima Valley and we help people with special needs reach their full potential through horses! Our riders range in ages from 2-75 and deal with issues from Austism Spectrum Disorder to Strokes. Our riders may look different from one another and have special needs like difficulties speaking, making friends, or using different parts of their body but they all have one thing in common: growth and success through riding and interacting with Pegasus horses!

It's a magical place with magical horses and magical people. Please check out our website, like us on facebook, and help fund the dreams of people with special needs so they can get their wings and achieve with horsepower!